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Music Festivals In Morocco

Music festivals in Morocco have helped position it as the jewel of North Africa. The idyllic outdoor venue locations provide an avant-garde feel of yesteryear for festival-goers to enjoy.

 The Red city of Marrakesh hosts Beat-Hotel and Oasis festival at the stunning luxury Fellah hotel which has views of the snow-capped Atlas mountains.

 To the North, you can find the wittily named Jazzablanca, which takes place every summer in Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city.

 On the Atlantic coast is Essaouria which was a filming location for Game of Thrones. MOGA Festival combines yoga, music, and culinary treats over three days in the swanky Sofitel resort.


Morocco is an extraordinary destination that showcases traditional and modern aspects of its’ culture. Dunes meet desert oases, and gorgeous coastlines affront to beautiful markets.

There are also excellent opportunities to explore the many filming locations for some of Hollywood’s most celebrated. Colourful laneways lead to vibrant spices sold by merchants and firey dunes crash into the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

Casablanca, Marrakech and Fez are all heritage locations, with a flurry of transformation, as this destination gains more traction; and brings with it some delicious music festival options.

Tourism has introduced boutique riads to stay in, as well as panoramic rooftops laced with richly coloured carpets for the perfect view of its’ genuinely unique architecture.


Music festivals in Morocco showcase the diverse richness of the musical culture. More than twenty-five types are recognised nationally with the most popular being Andalusian, Berber, Raï, Chaabi and Gnawa.

The electronic scene borrows from many of these styles, creating a beautiful audio infusion filled with the unique sounds that make up Morrocan-electro.

Amine K is considered the Moroccan ambassador for electronic music. An artist that embodies the musical infusions of Morocco better than anyone. His productions have been enchanting dancefloors across the globe, culminating in one of the most coveted playing slots on the planet-Burning Mans sunrise session for Robot Heart!

Their global peers highly respect traditional musical acts from Morocco. Names like Hasan Hakmoun, Malika Zarra, Nass El Ghiwane and Amouri Mbarek are all legends of Morroco’s musical heritage.


They are former family townhouses now often converted into boutique hotels. They offer visitors to Morocco the chance to stay in authentic and often luxurious Moroccan accommodation hidden away behind unassuming front doors.

The vast majority of visitors find Morocco to be a hospitable and friendly country. However, as with visiting any country, you should always stay vigilant by protecting valuables in crowded areas, and women should not walk alone through small alleys late at night.

National travel is easily accessible, with plenty of options available to you. Domestic flights are also readily available and recommended for longer distances. In major cities, consider taxis over car rentals due to the high levels of traffic intensity.