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8-12 JULY 2021


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What To Expect

The iconic drum & bass promotion takes its showcase to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The brand annually presents this epic long weekender that is full of sun, sea and dirty beats.


Hospitality On The Beach is a magical music escape surrounded by glistening Adriatic waters in Croatia’s festival capital.

Line Up

Hospitality On The Beach 2021 line up will be announced closer to the date.

Andy C Noisia [DJ set] Camo & Krooked Kings of the Rollers London Elektricity Grafix A.M.C Fred V Unglued Whiney Etherwood Degs Bop x Subwave Hugh Hardie Dilemma Harriet Jaxxon Kid Hops Euphonique Calibre LSB BCee Riya Villem & McLeod The Vanguard Project S.P.Y DJ Zinc Calyx & TeeBee Kyrist Djinn AC13 Ben Snow Euphonique Dimension Culture Shock Grafix 1991 Changing Faces Mefjus Kasra Enei T>I Particle Nastia Fade Black OZB Charli Brix DJ Marky London Elektricity Nu:Logic SpectraSoul Pola & Bryson KCDC (Kyrist, Collette Warren, Enada & Charlie Brix) GLXY Dilemma Black Sun Empire The Prototypes Serum T>I Dutta D*Minds Dazee Alix Perez Skeptical Monty Workforce Chimpo Djinn

DJ Marky Fabio Nu:Logic LSB + DRS BCee Makoto SeBa Delicat Mefjus Kasra B2B Enei B2B Halogenix Whiney B2B Kyrist Unglued Bou Medika Indika Andy C Noisia High Contrast DJ Hype Kings of the Rollers Danny Byrd Metrik London Elektricity Flava D (D&B set) Logistics Nu:Tone Grafix Fred V Degs Unglued Makoto Krakoto Hugh Hardie Changing Faces Dilemma Lens Friction Alix Perez SpectraSoul Benny L T>I GLXY Pola & Bryson Data 3 S.P.Y DJ Die DJ Storm Dead Man’s Chest Mantra Uncle Dugs DJ Zinc (5 hour set) London Elektricity (5 hour set) Randall (5 hour set) Hybrid Minds (5 hour set) dBridge Skeptical Doc Scott Fracture Jubei Fixate Etherwood keeno Whiney Ant TC1 BOP Kyrist Lakeway A.Fruit Sweetpea Turno Pola & Bryson GLXY In:Most Data 3 Asterix Charli Brix Frenetic Jazzylioness Miya Moro Raggo

Andy C Camo & Krooked High Contrast Danny Byrd London Elektricity S.P.Y Fred V & Grafix Kings of the Rollers Maduk Logistics Nu:Tone Krakota Inja’s Fully Fuelled Flex feat. Pete Cannon Makoto Urbandawn Hugh Hardie Unglued Mefjus Ivy Lab Kasra Enei Halogenix Foreign Concept Etherwood keeno Blu Mar Ten Whiney Kimyan Law BOP Conduct Tim Reaper Calibre B2B Bridge BCee Technimatic LSB SeBa Utah Jazz Villem & McLeod DJ Marky Fabio Lenzman Nu:Logic Total Science FD Submorphics ARP XP Top Cat [live] Randall Dillinja Nu:Tone (Lost Dubplates Set) S.P.Y (Jungle Set) Channel One Sound Uncle Dugs Shak Out Sounds Suitman Jungle The Blast DJs Egoless [live] SP:MC [DJ set] L U C Y Jaydrop Fire Man Sam K Stylz TS2W The Prototypes Sub Zero B2B Critical Impact Voltage & Serum D*Minds High Tea Music T & Sugah NCT High Maintenance L.A.O.S Kasger B2B Meluran Zazu Aperio Smuskind Lasu Kromabis Arcnet Blind Judge Crumbling Empire Total Recall DoRa

The Hospitality On The Beach Venue

The Garden Resort in Tisno is a musical paradise. Set along the shores of a beautiful Adriatic inlet, it consists of three stages, each with a unique flavour. The nearby town of Tisno offers numerous bars to grab a delicious cocktail along the waterfront.


The main stage has a large open-air dancefloor and wicked sound system, the Olive Grove intimately nestled beneath the tree canopies, and the Beach stage, so close to the waters edge you could dance on it.


Boat parties aboard the Argonaughty and The Martina are the stuff of legend and provide many with experiences of a lifetime. While the much loved Barbarella’s Discotheque provides the festival with an open-air club that goes well past the sunrise.

icon add white icon less white How do I get to Tisno?

Tisno is conveniently located roughly halfway between Split and Zadar airports. With Split receiving more daily connections throughout Europe. And Zadar airport being small and efficiently run.

icon add white icon less white What currency does Croatia use?

The Croatian Kuna is the local currency. Euros will not be accepted by shopkeepers, but payment by card is readily available.