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Music is truly one of life’s greatest gifts. And combining music with travel experiences is at the core of our philosophy.


We are dedicated to providing a platform for discovering events and simultaneously encouraging the exploration of new countries and cultures.


We firmly believe that for experiences to have authenticity, then it is up to us as the travellers to initiate them.

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Inception est. 2017


While organising a group trip to the closing parties in Ibiza, our founder Mathew realised a couple of problems.


The booking process was tiresome bouncing between an untold number of websites.

No free cancellations or payment plan systems were available to help manage the budget.


After doing some more research after the trip, he found that the problem extended to the whole music festival scene!


Since then, it has been the mission of On The Beating Travel to provide packages that allow festival heads to treat themselves without breaking the bank. We welcome seasoned ravers who are looking to combine their holidays with music events.

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Just Like You


We are avid music lovers, festival heads, and travel geeks. And we don’t believe that anyone should ever stop doing any of these things.


With so many people travelling to festivals, we wanted to provide a platform where you can seamlessly bundle all your festival needs while also discovering the destination you are visiting.


As festival fans, we are more interested in secret sundowner spots rather than the history museum. So we have a range of really cool optional extras for you to choose from when planning your festival holiday.


With a variety of different packages to suit you. Whether you are travelling eco-consciously, strictly for raving, or as a group we have something for you.