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11-16 August 2021

Crato, Portugal

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Waking Life Festival News

Nestled deep within Portugal’s interior, surrounded by olive plantations and a slower pace of life lies Waking Life Festival.


This secretive event is a forward-thinking, progressive affair put together over five days. The Belgian music collective, Roots of Minimal, curate a lineup that plays 24hrs a day. Giving artists the creative license to perform live and delight you with extended sets.


Waking Life Festival is capped at a maximum of 2000 people each year. Meaning an intimate festival experience set beneath the Portuguese summer sun.

Line Up

Waking Life Festival 2019 Lineup A. Brehme  Adiel  Aleksi Perälä (live) Alpha Steppa  Astropulse Space System  ATEQ (live)  Baby Vulture  Barbara Preisinger  BeatPete  Ben Kaczor  Ben UFO  Berllioz  Bruno Pronsato (live) ∞compounds dBridge  Deadbeat (live)  DeepChord (live)  DeWalta Dexter  Digby  DJ Dustin DJ SO Drama Dwig (live)  E/Tape  Edward (live)  Efdemin  Arno aka Einzelkind  Eli Verveine Elli Enkō  Fernando Martinez  Forest Drive West  Fafi Abdel Nour  Four Tet Francisco Oliveira live Fred Scharf Friendly Ghost  Funkamente  Gigi Masin (live)  Gols  Hailu Mergia Horror Inc. live Islas  Jmcee  Jon Orve  Jonny Nash (live)  Julius Gabriel Kim Kenis Koodoo  Lakuti  LaMaz  Laura BCR  Lawrence  Leafar Legov (live)  Levon Vincent  Maayan Nidam  Mad Miran  Map.ache (live)  Melchior Productions Ltd  Mike Stellar  Molly Mosley Jr live Mountain People (Serafin and Rozzo) Move D  Nathan Fake (live) natural/electronic.system.  Naty Seres  Nikita Zabelin  Nosedrip Ö Olaf Boswijk  Oren Ambarchi (live)  Oulad Omar  Pandilla LTD  Paquita Gordon  Phrex Port Do Soul Portable (live)  Powder  RAMZi (live)  Raresh Rasmus Fisker  re:ni  Rhadoo Robles  Robohands  Roman Flügel Romano Licker Rups Sa Pa Schaaly  Schatrax Selecta Fontes Selva Arterial  Seth Troxler  Skatebård  Skudge (live)  Stavroz (live)  Sundae Sue  Takaaki Itoh  Terrence Dixon (live)  Thiago Guiselini  Tig  Tobias. (live) Tommy Guerrero Tren Go! Sound System  V.I.V.E.K. Vamos a la Praia  Vlada  Vril (live) Walrus  Wata Igarashi  Will Grant  Xique Xique  Young Warrior  Yussef Dayes  Zozo

Waking Life Festival 2018 Lineup – A. Brehme  Afriqua  Aleksi Perälä (live)  Alfa Mist  AMyn (live)  Andy Stott (live)  Anthony Linell (Abdulla Rashim)  Architectural  Ariwo  Ata  ATEQ (live)  Azu Tiwaline  Baby Vulture Bass Culture Beatum Berllioz (live) Cachupa Psicadélica  Call Super  Christinne  Cio D’Or  Cristi Cons  Deadbeat Dexter  Discodromo  Diwa  DJ Dustin  DJ Marcelle  DJ Masda  DjRUM  Donna Leake Drama  DVS1  Dwig (live)  Eduardo de la Calle  Edward Elli  Ferro  Funkamente  Garçon  Hubble  Huerco S  Hulk Hodn (Hodini) Inga Mauer Jacketx  Jan Jelinek (live)  Jmcee  Joao Maria  Job Jobse  Elias Mazian & Luc Mast Johnny Lee Johnson Jorge Caiado  Kamaal Williams (Yussef Kamaal)  Kettenkarussell  Koodoo  LaMaz Laws on Earth Lea Bertucci Leafar Legov (live)  Lone (live) Lost Boy live Luigi Tozzi (live)  Luke Abbott  Maayan Nidam mad miran Margaux  Map.ache (live)  Mike Stellar  Molly Montanha Magnética Murcof Nathan Øye Naty Seres Noack Ö Objekt  Oceanic  Om Unit  Oulad Omar  Pandilla LTD  Paquita Gordon Patricia live Peter Van Hoesen  Photay (live)  Phrex  Plaid & Felix’s Machines Priku  Rhadoo  Rrose (live)  Sa Pa  Sebastian Mullaert & Ulf Eriksson (live) SIT live Slick Marcel Rick  Sofus Forsberg  Stavroz (live)  Steffen Bennemann  Sundae Sue T#0T#0 Tahl Thomas Melchior  Tig  Trance Wax Tren Go! Sound System Twice Upon A Time V.I.V.E.K Vibronics live  Vlad Caia  Vlada  Vladimir Ivkovic  Willow  Woody  Zozo

The Waking Life Festival Venue

The gathering takes place in one of the most sparsely populated regions of Europe. As you make your way closer to the site the surroundings become dustier and the heat intensifies.


The festival is focused around the lake and the structure encourages you to explore the full site area. Complete with a ferry system to get you across the lake to different parts of the venue.

icon add white icon less white How do I get to Waking Life festival?

The closest major airport is in Lisbon. The drive from Lisbon which will take you just a bit over 2 hours. Other possible airports are Porto (3h45min), Faro (3h30min) and Madrid (4h30min).

icon add white icon less white What's the weather like in Crato?

Temperatures in Alentejo in August can fluctuate between 25 and 40 degrees Celsius. Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburns and drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated.

icon add white icon less white Is Waking Life a cashless festival?

Yes. You can acquire Klingelings (credits) at one of the ticket counters, in exchange of cash, or paid by card. The first time you get some, you’ll receive a card which you can keep with you throughout your stay. After Waking Life, you have two weeks to reclaim the remaining value on your card, should you have any left. There are no ATMs on-site, so be sure to take enough cash and your bankcard.