Brand Partnerships

Are you finding that reaching your target customer is getting harder and harder with the increasing scrutiny of privacy laws?

The days of plastering Facebook with perfectly segmented cheap ads are long gone. And pay-per-click (PPC) is an expensive endeavour. The Instagram algorithm is about as predictable as the price of Bitcoin and almost as expensive! Well, not really, but it ain’t cheap.

Organic search is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach the people who will buy your offering. So if you are an accommodation provider, tour operator, travel product, travel app, music festival organiser, or even a tourism board, then keep reading to see who you can reach via a brand partnership with On The Beating Travel.

Website Stats

All the statistics are until the end of May 2022

  • 146,000 (+633.66%) – clicks from Google in the last 6 months (% increase from the previous period)
  • 4,50M (+589.12%) – impressions from Google in the last 6 months (% increase to the previous period)
  • 67,488 monthly page views (6-month average)
  • 18,992 unique monthly sessions (6-month average)
  • DA: 15 (MOZ)

Our Audience

Most of our audience are young professionals interested in travel, music festivals and finding adventurous, authentic and meaningful experiences.

Our typical readers are millennial men & women who travel solo, with a partner or in a group. They are between the ages of 25 – 35 years old and likely from the UK, South Africa or America.

Demographic Breakdown

Gender: Women 47% | Men 53%
Age: 18-24: 23%  |  25-34: 33%  |  35-44: 20%  |  45+ 25% 

The blog has been read in 185 countries worldwide, but most of our readers come from the UK, USA and Germany.

Country: UK: 30%  |  RSA: 18%  |  USA: 17%  |  GER: 8%

Technology Breakdown

Device type: Mobile: 77%  |  Desktop: 22%  |  Tablet: 1%
Of these visitors, 50% use the Safari browser, and 42% use Chrome.

Content Marketing Opportunities

With a knack for storytelling, an engaging voice and knowledge of SEO best practices, On The Beating Travel can create unique content specific to your brand.

Sponsored content: 
We can write sponsored material about your brand to be published here at On The Beating Travel. Currently, the website only publishes articles written internally by our writers.

Important Note: All sponsored content will be 100% honest and authentic and only includes no-follow links, as per Google guidelines. It will also include any other required affiliation disclosure.

Freelance content creation for your site: 
If you want to build your brand’s presence online, we can create a highly-engaging SEO-driven content for your website. We utilise SEO best practices and a range of optimisation tools to give any contracted content the best opportunity to rank in Google.

In content advertising:
We offer display advertising for your brand. These will appear within the body content with a clear call to action to drive traffic to your website. All you need to do is take care of conversion. Your ad placements will not compete with our ad display partner Ezoic.

What’s next?

Let’s talk through your ideas and create a win/win relationship. Please reach out to info{at}onthebeatingtravel[.com]

Note. The email address above needs to be written in proper format when sending us an email. We write it like that so bots can’t scrape it and send us endless spam.