Tulum Nightclubs

Tulum has become one of the world’s most famous jungle party destinations. From students looking for something completely different during Springbreak to celebrities wanting to get away. Tulum’s nightlife scene attracts all kinds of revellers and raconteurs.

Tulum has a lot of nightclubs, and sometimes it can be a challenge to figure out which one (or more) you want to go to. So we have compiled a guide to the nightlife offered in Tulum. From restaurants to festivals to beach clubs and different combinations of them all.

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The Beach Zone

Casa Jaguar

Under the Casa Jaguar umbrella are Casa jaguar restaurant, Todos Santos Bar and a host of music, culture and events. It was once a small jungle restaurant hidden away in Tulum.

Casa Jaguar is known for its Thursday night jungle parties and diverse selection of DJs from around the world. They switch up the DJs and the type of music played to keep things fresh by constantly searching for new international and local talent.

On Tuesdays, the restaurant turns into the todos Santos after dinner party, with cocktails and a dancefloor under the open skies.

The restaurant has a romantic vibe with candlelight and live West African Jazz every Friday night, with dinner and cocktails in a classy outdoor setting.

Casa Jaguar prides itself on staying true to old Tulum, providing a bohemian space filled with creatives and cultural events.

MΓ­a Restaurant and Beach Club

Mia Beach Club and Restaurant is exactly as the name would suggest- a restaurant and club. To get into this place, you go through a cool plank tunnel and down a jungle path.

As you enter, you see a classy open area bar. On the other side is a beachy outdoor area, with thatched covers and giant nests made of sticks, where you can chill.

Mia is a high-end place with bougie cocktails, lounge chairs in the beach area and great food. House, techno, and tribal electronic beats are the genres of music you’ll find here. Like other clubs we’ve mentioned, Mia likes to keep it fresh and often has internationally known DJs.

You’ll find body painting, dancing, swimming in the pool, and excellent music here.

Popular events: Locus Festival


Vagalume is a little different. During the day, it is a Wellness Beach club. You’ll find it on the hotel stretch of Tulum’s beach. It’s got delicious food at the restaurant, a pool, and a very relaxed vibe while the sun is up.

But when the sun goes down, Vagalume transforms into a dance club, literally right on the beach. The club is pretty casual but still elegant. Everything is thatch or wood, giving it that jungle feeling that we have come to expect and love from Tulum.

The music here is mainly techno and house. Some artists they have recently had perform here are Guy Gerber, Arbat and Vite & Mignova.


Confessions is an exotic jungle and tapas bar. They are in the central hotel zone. With nature surrounding you, this club is a proper rustic jungle venue. Think flashing coloured lights, neon colours, sparklers and unrivalled cocktails. The atmosphere in confessions is electric and daring. They aim to seduce and connect you to a transcendent experience.

Their primary type of music is electronic and house combined. They fill their club with artists like Eagles & Butterflies and Oliver Koletzki, always making sure to have both local and international DJs playing. They hold special events as well.


Bonbonniere is known as one of the more high-end clubs in Tulum. The classy, elegant and modern design caters to celebrities and the wealthy.  

The whole club is set out in an oval shape, with the bar on one side, the DJ on the other, and the dance floor in between. Having had its debut in 2021, Bonbonniere has a stellar sound system and an otherworldly vibe with its chic red lighting.

It is a closed club with a strict dress code to adhere to if you want to get in. They ask for elegant formal dress: Closed shoes for gents and no swimsuits, sandals, or sports clothing.

They mainly play different combinations of house music, like deep tech, tech house and other electronic music genres. They also host a whole array of events and parties with various themes and DJs.


Bagatelle is a sophisticated French Mediterranean restaurant as well as a super fun beach club. Here you’ll have the chance to party on the beach with palm trees swaying in the wind and a carefree atmosphere. This place even has parties happening during the day.

Like many other nightclubs in Tulum, they play mostly electronic music genres and love to have musicians, DJs and producers like Apache, Damian Lazarus, Felix Da Housecat, and Claptone.

Papaya Playa Project (PPP) Tulum

Papaya Playa Project is famous for its full moon parties, but they have a whole establishment- offering dream-like accommodation, luxury retreats, fantastic food, and immersive experiences.

They have modelled their buildings after traditional Mayan architecture, making it that much more of a surreal experience. It gives you a wistful nostalgia for a time long gone and a sense of harmony with nature and others.

It’s in settings like these that they host their beach parties (which are the stuff of legend) with world-class DJs, live music, and a vast number of different events.

Popular events: Sundream Festival; WooMoon

H Moonlight Tulum

 H Moonlight Tulum is a private nightclub located in the hotel zone, with parties that start at 10 pm and go on until daylight breaks.

This club is an indoor club with a natural rustic aesthetic. They’ve got private booths, romantic lighting, and hanging nest chairs on the patio. All around, the design is down-to-earth but very classy.

They host events with different DJs, and on Thursdays, they have Hip Hop night. So, if you’re not feeling house, here is your alternative!

Gitano Tulum Jungle

Gitano is a restaurant and Mezcal bar. Their main identifying feature is their Jungle Room- a room that takes you out of Tulum and into another jungle dimension. On Fridays, they hold a Gypsy Disco Night.

The only way to describe Gitano is beautiful. You feel like you have just entered a high-class wedding venue with the theme of sophisticated jungle. There are comfortable seats, candlelight, trees overhead, and a lot of ferns! You’ll just have to go there to understand!

Ilios Restaurant

Ilios is a Greek restaurant very different from Tulum’s other clubbing venues. Ilios is more of a dinner and entertainment space with some Greek traditions thrown into the evening, like smashing plates! Think Lio in Ibiza, and you have a similar vibe.

Ilios prides itself on the culinary experience that they offer, as well as the entertainment. But don’t count it out for a good party, because as the night draws on, the dancing begins.

The venue is light and open-plan with wooden furniture, dispersed trees throughout the outside area and chandeliers. It is definitely a great place to go for a special occasion or with a group of friends.

They have a live DJ, fire shows, dancers and other unique Greek traditions woven into the fabric of the all-around experience.


Saikuk is an elegant Moroccan restaurant and lounge bar. They pride themselves on introducing people to Moroccan gastronomy. They have a festive atmosphere combining jungle with Arabian themes in their dΓ©cor and partly in their food.

Saikuk has a very warm feeling about it, leaning towards oriental furnishings. As the night wears on, they mostly start to play techno-house music, and the party begins once dinner has been enjoyed. Unfortunately, Saikuk has been temporarily closed.

Tulum outskirts

Zamna Tulum

Imagine palm trees surrounding you, body paint and strobe lights everywhere- a world-renowned DJ up front and thousands of people around you. That is Zamna Festival.

Zamna Tulum owns eleven hectares of forest where they host concerts, festivals and events that draw people from all corners. Namely, the Zamna Festival is an immersive jungle party experience aimed at all five senses. Events don’t only take place in the forest but also in secret cenotes, beside a secluded lagoon or on an island in the jungle. Zamna is all about exclusivity.

Zamna Tulum doesn’t only host parties, though. They have restaurants, hotels and unique experiences as well.

Popular events: Zamna Music Festival

Kinich Ahau

Kinich Ahau (named after the Mayan sun god) is the jungle club to go to if you are looking for an after-party. They host specific parties with incredible musicians that go on until the moon sets and the sun rises.

Some of the parties they have hosted are Techno Jungle, After Party, Tulum Soundtribe and Pool Party. And some of the artists they’ve had perform are the likes of Mosher & Friends, Heik, Trommer, and On the Jungle. There’s no dress code for Kinich Ahau, and it’s got a free party vibe.

Tulum Pueblo

Special mentions:

Where To Party In Tulum?

The hotel zone along the beach is where the vast majority of the nightclubs are situated in Tulum. However, there are also quite a few gems in Tulum Pueblo (town). Here’s a further breakdown of the best areas to party in Tulum:

πŸ₯‡ Beach Zone
πŸ₯ˆ Middle Beach Zone
πŸ₯‰ Tulum Pueblo