The BEST Electronic Music Festivals In Portugal

Portugal has a thriving electronic music scene and is something of a haven for music fans. Added to this is a rich nightlife culture that consistently produces exciting local talent.

Electronic dance music is extremely popular but more importantly varied. So if you are after a five-day festival stomping to psytrance or a three-day salute to rolling techno. This list of electronic music festivals in Portugal all have what underground music festival fans are after, namely:

  • Great electronic music
  • Visual art exhibits
  • Amazing spaces and locations
  • Intimate DJ sets that connect with the crowd

This article also takes a deep dive into how to get to these music festivals, where to stay and even how to stay hydrated.

So let’s dive in and discover some of the most exciting and best music festivals in Portugal…

Secret Project Festival

When: 17-19 June 2022
Where: Portimao

A brand new Portuguese edition of the much-celebrated Secret Project Festival series awaits lovers of house, techno, drum & bass and disco.

The venue of Portimao beach is well known on Portugal’s summer party scene and was the host of the BPM Festival in previous years. Now the Los Angeles based Secret Project brings its production to the Algarve.

Attending revellers should expect a delightful combination of visual arts, cutting-edge technology and an exceptional lineup of turntable shamans over the course of 3 sun-drenched days & nights.

Secret Project is famed for its daytime atmospheres and has a successful track record in LA, Miami and Amsterdam. Now it’s time for Portugal to experience the same.

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Can you camp at Secret Project?

No there is no camping available at Secret Project Festival. The town of Portimao is a tourist area so there are numerous options you can book. From hotels and apartments to holiday homes there are ranges to suit all budgets.


When: 10-13 August 2022
Where: Viana Do Castelo

In the space of 15 years, the NEOPOP Festival decks have become something of a mecca for techno DJs. They have a firm dedication to curating a program that will delight even the most staunch techno fans. As a result, NEOPOP is considered one of Portugals best music festivals.

Year after year, Neopop draws the biggest and best international artists in the genre. A 4-day salute to rolling basslines, high hats, and the uplifting melodies that accompany them.

The port city of Viana Do Castelo lends an appropriate backdrop to the industrial sounds of the genre. Influenced by a strong naval tradition, the coastal town of Viana do Castelo is now more than ever a place where you can enjoy a delicious meal or cultural event while taking in all that this historic city has to offer.

How do I get to Neopop festival?

The closest airport to Viana do Castelo is Porto International Airport, a 1-hour drive from the music festival site; or else nearby Spain’s Vigo airport which takes about an hour and 15 minutes by car.

Where is best to stay?

You can choose from a variety of hotels, hostels and villas in the town itself. Camping is also an option if you want to save money for your stay! A great way to make sure that camping doesn’t break the bank would be by using Neopop Festival’s free campgrounds nearby the venue.

MOGA Festival

When: 1-5 June 2022
Where: Caparica

In 2021 MOGA Festival found a second home, adding an edition of this great festival in the stunning Portuguese coastal town of Caparica.

Join the MOGA tribe for a one-of-a-kind experience. Music fans will find exciting talent that’ll pique even the most discerning ears. From yoga events and surfing lessons to food truck fare from all over town—this boutique event has something in store no matter what sort of vacationing mood takes hold.

With musical diversity taking place on seafront stages. From Praia Irmao to Bohemian Beach Club, Dr Bernard and more – you’re going to love this small town Atlantic Ocean experience.

How do I get to MOGA festival?

From Lisbon:

The easiest and fastest way is by car or taxi, but if you’re looking for something cheaper then there’s always the bus For example the 161 bus service will take about 45 minutes with a three euro ticket ($4).

Where is best to stay?

You may want to be in the heart of Caparica or Fonte da Telha so that you are closer to the action or you can also look for a hotel/ apartment rent close by in the country’s capital city, Lisbon (20min-45 min ride).

BOOM Festival

When: 22-29 July 2022
Where: Idhana-a-Nova

A bucket list festival for any fan of psychedelic trance and one of the most popular music festivals in Europe. Boom Festival is a unique event that celebrates art, freedom and nature along the banks of Idanha-a-Nova dam.

The biannual festival takes place during the full moon in August with live performances from various artists of different music genres. Also included are installations & workshops throughout the five-day music festival.

Boom Festival is a unique environmental event that not only celebrates the best in dance music but also strives for sustainability. Held at an exceptional location with views over Monsanto Valley from the high ground where waste residues were treated by solar energy systems while water ran through artesian wells designed specifically for this purpose.

A great part about Idanha-a-Nova is it has been classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Because you can see vast amounts of both natural beauty and manmade architecture built centuries ago which are still present today.

How do I get to BOOM?

The festival is located about 260 km from Lisbon in Portugal and 360 kilometres away from Madrid Spain.

To get there you will need to pinpoint “Idanha-a Nova” on your map so that the correct direction can be followed, otherwise use Senhora do Almortão sanctuary as a reference point (location of pre-gate).

What is the BOOM Bus?

The Boom Bus is like an expressway to your destination. Fewer lines, less waiting time and easy transportation mean you will be there before everyone else! Plus taking the bus also helps reduce carbon emissions which means more green space for future generations too.

Waking Life

When: 17-22 August 2022
Where: Crato

Waking Life is a hidden electronic music festival near the medieval town of Crato. Nestled deep within interior country, surrounded by olive plantations and with less traffic to navigate your way around this slowed-down lifestyle.

It’s easy for revellers at the eventful five-day music festival (that plays 24/7) to feel like they’ve found their forever home away from city life!

Artists are encouraged through creativity permission not only to perform live but also to delight you with extended sets – if we may say so: there really isn’t anything else quite like this little corner of Europe.

Waking Life Festival is a magical experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else. It’s capped at 3000 people each year, meaning it will always maintain its intimate scale and warmth for those who attend the festival in Portugal during summertime!

How do I get to the Waking Life festival?

The closest major airport is in Lisbon. The drive from Lisbon will take you just a bit over 2 hours. Other possible airports are Porto (3h45min), Faro (3h30min) and Madrid (4h30min).

What’s the weather like in Crato?

Wear sunscreen and drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated in Alentejo during August, when temperatures can vary from 25oC (77oF) all the way up to around 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit).

ZNA Gathering

When: 15-22 August 2022
Where: Lake Montargil

The ZNA Gathering is a biennial trance & psychedelic trance festival in Portugal. The festival takes place away from the tourists on beautiful Portuguese beaches and cities.

Visitors gather at this magical place for seven days of pure spiritual immersion with fellow travellers who have come here to love deeply during their time spent together–a rare experience these days!

This festival offers a uniquely transient scene: musicians, healers & artists alike; all coming together year after year despite being apart. Most likely because they know what’s really important (and not forgetting about fun either).

The ZNA Gathering is an experience like no other. The music combined with nature creates a space where communication and energy flow in awesome ways!

What’s the weather like?

The weather is typically hot and sunny, so make sure you wear your sunscreen. Drink lots of fluids throughout the day because dehydration can actually dull mental clarity!

How is best to stay hydrated?

The water at the venue comes from an underground source, which has passed (with flying colours) stringent testing by an official laboratory. It flows out to feed 15 drink fountains throughout and can safely drink year-round without any worries.

ID NoLimits

When: 24-26 February 2022
Where: Cascais

The ID NO LIMITS is an alternative music festival that takes place in the Portuguese capital. The concept is a refreshing and optimistic vision of what can happen in an otherwise dreary space.

The Estoril Congress Center is a stunning architectural achievement that combines traditional with modern elements to create something new.

The high glass walls outside are framed by wood and concrete, while natural light floods in through floor-to-ceiling windows inside– giving festival-goers an immersive experience they’ll never forget!

With an eclectic but impressive lineup of forward-thinking, experimental artists and rising stars from the world of electronic music to hip hop, alternative music, R&B and even some jazz thrown in for good measure; this music festival will be a captivating mix.

How do I get to the festival?

With its direct train connection, Estoril is a quick and easy destination for passengers travelling from Lisbon. The venue’s location just 200 meters away means that it can be easily reached with all types of vehicles including buses or taxis as well!

Where can I stay?

If you want to be in the heart of the action then look for accommodation in Estoril. Or you can also look for a hotel/ apartment rent close by in Lisbon. The buttons below will provide you with the best options.

Final Thoughts

Electronic music festivals in Portugal are without a doubt worth attending. From small-town seaside resorts to week-long marathons deep in the country’s interior.

The season for music festivals in Portugal runs all summer long thanks to its brilliant climate. These music festivals are typically in hot demand once tickets start selling they can go quickly. BOOM sold out in under an hour.

But if you are lucky enough to attend even one event on this list then you are in a rarified festival atmosphere.

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