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Music is one of life’s greatest gifts. Combining music with travel experiences is at the core of our philosophy. We are dedicated to delivering you a platform for discovering boutique events in unique locations that will complement your travel goals.

Think along the lines of a few hundred people on a pirate ship in the Karoo Desert, all cheering the sunset. Or spend your New Year’s Eve beneath ancient Baobab trees along Kenya’s coastline soundtracked to house music.


Who is this blog for?

If you are the type of raconteur/reveller/traveller who seeks interesting locations with an intriguing festival and clubbing culture, then (as far as we know) you’ve found the only resource for this on the interwebs.

This website is for you if you like to experience boutique festivals, nightlife, music and the sights. So it’s highly likely you don’t mind nursing a couple of hangovers on your holiday. And are probably not that interested in queuing for hours to see a certain A4-sized painting in the Louvre! 

In fact, you would rather explore the interior of South Africa and discover ancient rock paintings while on your way to Afrikaburn

Or perhaps you’d like to cross the glistening waters of the Adriatic on your way to a secret festival island in Croatia? Woah, what happened there? I blacked out. I think I was dreaming of my ideal festival excursion.

Think of On The Beating Travel as the place you come to discover your next festival and travel experience. We’re not talking about massive corporate-sponsored events (Tomorrowland/Coachella๐Ÿคฎ) that everyone knows about. No, we are talking about independent boutique festivals in far-flung corners of the world.ย 

Small, boutique, unique. That’s the mantra. 

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy. 

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