Music & Arts Festivals

Whether you are a lover of deep, repetitive electronic beats and melodies or prefer a chilled out acoustic jam session, there is a festival tailored for you. The choices of small intimate boutique music and arts festivals are vast so browse our handpicked selection and discover something weird and wonderful.

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Music Festivals

Guides by country:

Music festivals in South Africa
Music festivals in Croatia
Music festivals in Morocco

Electronic Festivals:
We bring you a carefully curated list of the best boutique electronic music festivals this beautiful planet has to offer. You won’t find any large commercial revenue machines here, but you will find a tribe to fit your vibe.

The BEST electronic festivals in South Africa
The BEST electronic festivals in Portugal
The BEST electronic festivals in the UK

You can also scroll the archive below to find your next electronic festival in countries all over the world. Think secret sessions in Slovenia and even woodland raves in Poland.

Boutique Festivals:
Did we mention that we are a sucker for a boutique music festival? We sure did so below you’ll find some of our favourites that we are confident you would also enjoy!

The BEST boutique festivals in Asia
The BEST boutique festivals in Europe
The BEST boutique festivals in Morocco

Arts Festivals

Many music festivals now do a great job of blending visual flair with audible creativity. Here are some worthwhile events to consider in your festival discoveries.