The BEST Electronic Music Festivals in the UK

Electronic music festivals in the United Kingdom are mostly held during summer when the weather is good (well, if you’re lucky!) The majority are held in England, but several are in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

If you’re looking for exciting underground acts to soundtrack your summer shenanigans, then the festivals listed in this article might be the ones for you. The featured festivals are not listed or ranked in any particular order.

There is usually an exciting lineup at each festival. However, they do change from year to year – so it’s something to keep an eye on.

Follow the links to in-depth festival guides to learn more about each festival’s current lineup and ticketing information.

So without further delay, let’s get into it!

🍉 Ukukhapha

Try saying that ten times fast! Here I’ll make it a little easier for you; it’s pronounced oo-koo-ka-pah. For those of you regulars on the UK’s electronic music festival scene, you might have noticed this mobile boom box at Noisily or Secret Garden Party.

The founder is on a mission to create one of the most unique stage installations on the entire European boutique festival circuit. After a successful first summer season, Ukukhapha (do you remember the pronunciation?) will be touring the country’s most adored independent events.

In addition, they will be hosting a series of satellite events specially hosted for all their melons (fans). The first takes place right before the summer season kicks off.

If you want a little taster of what’s to come, I suggest grabbing your ticket below, as the capacity is capped at 500.

🍝 Alfresco Festival

Follow this link for current dates and ticket information.

The Alfresco Festival is an award-winning music festival located in Kent, which runs over the last bank holiday weekend each summer.

It is an independent music festival that has built a cult reputation within the festival scene in the United Kingdom.

The festival is family-friendly, meaning festival-goers of all ages are welcome to experience a range of different artists. Dogs are also invited to attend; however, they must be on a leash 100% of the time.

As well as the music artists, there are many other entertainers to make sure the festival-goers are jam-packed with things to do and people to see – creating a unique and artistic experience for all to enjoy.

🔎 Lost Village Festival

Follow this link for current dates and ticket information.

Located in an abandoned forest in Lincolnshire over the summer bank holiday weekend. The Lost Village Festival is a day-focused experience. There are many activities to participate in, such as talks, workshops, comedy and music live performances, and even restaurants to eat at this 18+ event.

Lost Village Festival offers a chance to volunteer so that you can work part of the time and enjoy the festival the rest of the time. Volunteers are expected to carry out up to 20 hours of work over the weekend, and you must be available to arrive at 5 p.m. on Thursday to start the briefing.

LVF mostly operates during the day. The headlining artists start to perform midday and are all finished by 11 p.m.

After 11 p.m., however, breakout parties go all the way until the stage closes at 2 a.m. – this festival season, the organisers have promised there will be more breakout parties than ever before.

🎪 Houghton Festival

Follow this link for current dates and ticket information.

In 2017 this event established itself as a fresh and fun new electronic music experience through Craig Richards and the Gottwood Festival organisers. This combination produced amazing music performances and a great memorable experience all around.

Houghton Festival will continue to run after its 3-year hiatus from 2019 to 2021, and it usually takes place around the middle of August.

The lineup is carefully selected and features a special performance from the festival’s curator – Craig Richards!

The festival takes place at Houghton Hall and Gardens, Norfolk and is 18+.

🏕️ Field Maneuvers

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Field Maneuvers is filled with DJs and stands as one of the best electronic music festivals in the United Kingdom.

They pluck brilliant international talent and DJs from all over and pull them all into a field for three (3) nights of madness. The creators aim to throw the type of party they would like to attend themselves.

The festival takes place just outside of Oxford – not far from the London music scene, where most of its revellers venture from. It has three (3) stages, a cinema tent, food, beverage, craft beer, 700 people and 1 field.

The event is strictly 21+ and challenge 25 applies.

The location of this secretive countryside jaunt is only revealed to festival-goers after tickets are bought and paid for. What we do know is it is 45 minutes from the M25.

🧑‍🌾 Audio Farm Festival

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Another of the great electronic festivals in the UK is Audio Farm, which usually goes on for four (4) days at the beginning of September and is located at Hopton Court in Shropshire.

Audio Farm Festival is a celebration of music and art. There is a diverse and unique lineup of electronic artists, and you can also expect a mix of genres (house, techno, disco, drum and bass, dub, electro), and the list goes on!

🪵 Gottwood Festival

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Gottwood is one of the United Kingdom’s most critically acclaimed independent underground electronic music festivals. Gottwood is typically one of the United Kingdom’s most anticipated outdoor events.

It’s hosted in the middle of the woods with various outdoor stages in Carreglwyd, Anglesey. And usually takes place in early June and runs for three (3) days.

It is described as a mystical woods festival party amongst those in the electronic music spectrum and one of the most prestigious dance events. This festival is also 18+.

💦 Riverside Festival

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Located in Glasgow, United Kingdom, at the Riverside Museum (inside and outside), this dance music and electronic festival packs a punch with a lineup of exciting live music and DJ sets.

The festival is surrounded by the Glasgow Clyde and radiates the Glasgow vibe all the way through. The energy of the crowds and mind-blowing stages all contribute to a great time.

Some years it is a two-day festival and others it is a three-day, but there is always no camping involved – strictly a day to day event.

Riverside takes place every year during the Jubilee bank holiday weekend and is strictly an 18+ event. ID is required upon entry.

🧘‍♀️ Warm Up Festival

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With four (4) days of electronic and dance music usually starting toward the end of August, the Warm Up festival presents an array of different live performances.

It is described as the pillar of the London club scene, and known for its legendary parties. Warm Up represents the best in electronic and dance music trends.

The Hertfordshire-based event continues to outdo itself, protecting its winning reputation and unique atmosphere.

🔊 Noisily Festival

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Set deep in the hills of Leicestershire, Noisily is intertwined with the electronic music scene but also strives to embed a holistic and artistic atmosphere.

It prides itself on protecting the environment which surrounds it. While also creating a woodland experience complete with psychedelic art and interesting performances scattered throughout the venue.

The festival usually runs in the summer at the beginning of July, when the weather tends to be a lot nicer in the United Kingdom – making the event all the more amazing.