San Fermin Festival

  • 7-14 July (Annually)
  • Pamplona, Spain

πŸͺŸ Overview

The festival commences at noon on July 6 with the launching of the ‘chupinazo’ from the balcony of the city hall, marking the beginning of a week-long fiesta filled with music, dance, and traditional events.

Perhaps the most internationally recognized event of the Sanfermines is the ‘encierro’ or the Running of the Bulls.

This tradition involves hundreds of people running in front of six fighting bulls along a route through the narrow streets of Pamplona, leading up to the city’s bullring. The spectacle lasts only a few intense minutes each morning from July 7-14 and draws thrill-seekers from around the globe.

Other notable festivities include religious processions honouring Saint FermΓ­n, traditional Basque sports events, and daily bullfights. There’s also a wealth of food, drink, music, and dancing that fills the city day and night.

The Sanfermines ends with a touching moment when, at midnight on July 14, thousands gather in the town square to sing ‘Pobre de MΓ­’ (‘Poor Me’), marking the end of the festivities until the following year.

πŸ‚ San Fermin Festival Events

A mixture of single-day and multi-day events take place over the course of the week. With the most famous being the Running of The Bulls

The Running Of The Bulls

There is a lot to take in when it comes to Pamplona’s most well-known custom. These in-depth guides will help you navigate it like a seasoned pro.

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