The 5️⃣ Best Hotels Near Oktoberfest in Munich 🏨

Are you planning your trip to Munich’s world-renowned Oktoberfest and wondering where to stay? This guide is designed to help you find the perfect accommodation to enhance your Oktoberfest experience.

Finding a hotel that combines comfort, convenience, and proximity to the Oktoberfest grounds can be a daunting task amidst the sea of options.

Drawing from my own Oktoberfest shenanigans, I’ve handpicked hotels that not only offer top-notch services but also ensure you’re at the heart of the action.

For the discerning traveller who values both the vibrant Oktoberfest atmosphere and a restful retreat, these recommendations are tailored just for you.

Just like you, I’ve felt the excitement of the Oktoberfest crowd and the desire for a comfortable bed after a day of revelry. Now let’s find your ideal Oktoberfest base camp.

🏆 Top Hotel Picks Near Oktoberfest Munich

If you’re planning to experience what Oktoberfest is firsthand, you might want to consider the best hotels near Oktoberfest in Munich. Proximity to the Theresienwiese, the fairgrounds where the event takes place, is essential for a convenient experience.

1️⃣ Lizz Hotel Munich

Lizz Hotel Munich is a top choice, just 0.2 miles from Theresienwiese. This hotel boasts a terrace, non-smoking rooms, free Wi-Fi, and a bar. 

With a superb overall score of 9.1/10, guests have particularly praised the quietness of the rooms, the helpful staff, and the tasty breakfast.

Located in the Ludwigsvorstadt district, Lizz Hotel offers easy access to Sendlinger Tor and various other Munich attractions.

2️⃣ Bayerischer Hof

For a luxurious stay, consider a hotel with spa facilities, pools, and stunning views of Munich. The Bayerischer Hof is a perfect example, blending opulence with the traditional Oktoberfest atmosphere. 

Although it’s a 30-minute stroll from Theresienwiese, it’s well-connected by public transport and close to Marienplatz. And besides, a gentle walk in the morning to the festival might be a great way to ease into a day filled with steins of lager!

3️⃣ Bavaria Boutique Hotel

This hotel is a delightful blend of style and convenience, offering a unique stay in one of Germany’s most vibrant cities.

Located literally next door to the famous Oktoberfest, the Bavaria Boutique Hotel is the perfect base for those looking to experience this world-renowned festival. Guests will find themselves in the heart of the action, with the lively atmosphere of the Oktoberfest just a stone’s throw away.

The Bavaria Boutique Hotel features amenities designed to cater to the needs of modern travellers, with many praising its cleanliness, friendly staff, and excellent location.

4️⃣ Marc München

This is a prime choice to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Munich’s Oktoberfest. Situated in the Ludwigsvorstadt district, the hotel is a mere 15-minute walk from the Theresienwiese, placing you within easy reach of the Oktoberfest grounds.

The hotel has been recognized for its sustainability efforts, achieving a Travel Sustainable Level 2 rating. With hundreds of positive reviews, the hotel maintains a very high level of guest satisfaction.

The Hotel Marc München provides a comfortable and convenient base for those looking to experience the excitement of Oktoberfest.

5️⃣ Eurostars Book Hotel

Eurostars Book Hotel is a top choice among visitors due to its convenient location near popular attractions like the Lowenbrau Brewery and Karlsplatz.

The hotel is just 650 meters from Munich Central Station and offers a fitness centre and free WiFi. The hotel is also only 800 meters from the site of the Oktoberfest Beer Festival, while the Marienplatz Square is 1 km away.

The hotel’s rooms are literary-themed and will be sure to last in your memory. You can also expect excellent service and modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay in this vibrant city.

🎓 Pro Tip: Prices for hotels near Oktoberfest Munich tend to be higher due to the event’s popularity. So, booking your accommodation well in advance is best to secure better rates and ensure availability.

If you’re wondering whether you should go to Oktoberfest, knowing the best hotels near Oktoberfest in Munich could be helpful.

Given the variety of options for accommodation near Oktoberfest Munich, finding the perfect hotel for your preferences and budget is doable.

The key is considering the location, amenities, and transport links to ensure a convenient and memorable experience.

🪙 Budget Accommodation Options

Consider budget hotels near the event to save on accommodation costs without compromising the Oktoberfest experience. 

Ibis Munich City South

The hotel is situated in Obersendling, a district in the south of Munich. It’s conveniently located near the A95 motorway and the Obersendling Underground Station, providing easy access to Munich city centre.

Ibis Munich City South offers cosy rooms and a 24-hour bar and is just a short walk from the nearest bus station, making it easy to reach Theresienwiese.

I’ve included this option because it’s probably the best bang for your buck in terms of location and price. You do really well to find better over the dates for Oktoberfest!

Hotel Prinzregent

Hotel Prinzregent is a great choice, with spacious family rooms, a peaceful location, and excellent dining options. It’s only a short bus ride away from the fairgrounds.

Families visiting Oktoberfest might prefer staying in quieter areas while still having easy access to the festivities. 


When travelling to Munich for Oktoberfest with a group of friends, it’s essential to find accommodation that fits your budget.

Fortunately, several budget hotels and hostels in Munich offer excellent value for money while still being close to the beer festival.

One popular area to consider is Ludwig-Vorstadt-Isarvorstadt, known for its proximity to Theresienwiese, the Oktoberfest grounds. 

For those who prefer budget accommodations in this district, offers a list of well-rated hotels within walking distance of the festival.

Additionally, the neighbourhood is home to several attractions, such as the Deutsches Museum and the Glockenbachviertel, known for its vibrant nightlife scene.

Gärtnerplatzviertel & Glockenbach

Gärtnerplatzviertel is another Munich neighbourhood worth exploring for budget accommodation options.

It is located near the Old Town, providing easy access to popular tourist attractions, Bavarian food, and authentic beer gardens. 

Similarly, the Glockenbach area offers a mix of accommodations, from budget hotels to Airbnb’s. Both districts have a welcoming atmosphere and are well-connected to the city’s public transportation system.

Munich also offers a diverse selection of affordable options for travellers who prefer hostels. These hostels often include communal spaces and social events, making them a top choice for individuals or groups of friends looking to meet new people while attending Oktoberfest.

English Garden

Munich’s English Garden, a large city park, is also an option for budget-conscious travellers. While there may not be an abundance of budget hotels within the park itself, the surrounding neighbourhoods provide an array of affordable accommodations. 

With excellent connectivity to the city centre, staying near the English Garden is ideal for those wishing to combine their Oktoberfest experience with exploring Munich’s natural beauty.

Comfortable accommodations can influence whether Oktoberfest is worth going to. With options ranging from budget hotels to hostels and Airbnbs in various Munich neighbourhoods, it’s possible for travellers to enjoy Oktoberfest without breaking the bank.

🚇 Transportation and Accessibility From Oktoberfest

When attending Oktoberfest in Munich, one important consideration is easy access to public transportation and proximity to hotels. 

Munich’s public transport system is highly efficient, consisting of the U-Bahn (subway), S-Bahn (suburban trains), trams, and buses.

Most top picks for hotels near Oktoberfest are within walking distance or just a few minute’s ride on public transportation from the event. 

The numerous tents and activities are held on the Theresienwiese, and nearby hotels can be found in the Altstadt, close to Munich Central Station and popular attractions like the Hofbrauhaus.

The U-Bahn is particularly convenient for accessing the Oktoberfest grounds. Lines U3 and U4 take visitors directly to the Theresienwiese station, while U5 and U6 connect to other parts of the city, such as the Altstadt. 

Additional nearby stations include Goetheplatz and Poccistrasse, both accessible via U3 and U4.

In addition to the U-Bahn, the S-Bahn system also contributes to efficient transportation in Munich. The Munich Central Station connects all S-Bahn lines, providing direct access to many hotels and tourist destinations in the city.

Hotels near the event often provide guests with local transportation information and assistance, ensuring a smooth travel experience during Oktoberfest. Staying in a reputable hotel can contribute to whether Oktoberfest is safe if you are visiting as a family.

If you’re looking for places to stay with additional amenities like a gym or complimentary breakfast, there are various hotels in Munich to choose from. 

To maximize your convenience and offer seamless access to Oktoberfest, consider prioritising hotels close to public transportation hubs, including the Munich Central Station, the U-Bahn and the S-Bahn lines. 

The excellent public transport network in Munich ensures that navigation within the city is stress-free and allows for easy exploration of its numerous attractions.

🏰 Popular Attractions and Landmarks

The vibrant city of Munich is home to numerous attractions and landmarks, encompassing a mix of historical sites and modern marvels. If you’re planning an Oktoberfest itinerary, you’ll want to know about some of the city’s must-see landmarks.

One of the city’s most famous landmarks is the Munich Residenz, a royal palace that was once the seat of power for Bavaria’s rulers. Today, it is a museum boasting exquisite architecture and displays of fine art.

Another important historical site is Dachau, the first Nazi concentration camp, now serving as a memorial and museum. This sobering location provides insight into a dark period of history and is an essential stop for those who wish to pay their respects and learn about the Holocaust.

Munich’s bustling Marienplatz Square is a central point in the city, featuring stunning architecture and several iconic landmarks, including the New Town Hall and the Frauenkirche church. 

This lively square is filled with shops, cafes, and street entertainment, making it an ideal spot to relax and soak up the Munich atmosphere.

The picturesque Isar River offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities, such as running, bicycling, and inline skating. 

A popular spot among both locals and tourists, the riverbanks are perfect for picnicking, enjoying the shade, or simply strolling along the water’s edge.

Adventurous travellers can also explore unique sites like the Sendlinger Tor, a medieval city gate, or the Asamkirche, a stunning baroque church known for its intricately decorated interior. 

Shopping enthusiasts will love the bustling market scene at Karlsplatz, with its wide selection of local products and souvenirs.

Munich is a city that promises an unforgettable Oktoberfest experience. You will find plenty of activities and entertainment outside of the best beer tents, from lively fairs and street performances to karaoke bars and local restaurants.

🪩 Evening Activities and Entertainment

During the Oktoberfest in Munich, there are various evening activities and entertainment options to enjoy, immersing oneself in the vibrant atmosphere and experiencing the best of German hospitality. 

One can expect to find a range of beer tents offering different types of brews at varying beer prices, with some of the popular tents often featuring local favourites such as Augustine and Kaifer. 

In addition to beer, these tents provide a lively atmosphere, with friendly staff dressed in traditional Trachten attire, contributing to the authentic festivities.

A significant aspect of the Oktoberfest evenings is indulging in various Bavarian delicacies and engaging in local customs. Visitors can savour traditional German dishes, including sausages, pretzels, and roast chicken, complimented by live music performances from the brass bands to enthusiastic sing-alongs. Dances and games also take place, where everyone can participate and forge connections in a friendly environment.

For those who prefer a more relaxed experience, several hotels near the Theresienwiese, such as the Jugend- und Familienhotel Augustin, offer comfortable accommodations with amenities like private balconies and baggage service, allowing guests to unwind and enjoy the captivating evening views of the event. 

These hotels provide easy access to the Wiesn, making it convenient for patrons to participate in Oktoberfest events during the days and evenings throughout the festival dates.

In conclusion, attending Oktoberfest in Munich promises an unforgettable experience, with evenings boasting a perfect mix of beer, food, live music, and traditional German festivities. 

The combination of various entertainment options and the availability of comfortable nearby hotels ensures that visitors can fully immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere and make lasting memories.

🏨 Hotel Amenities and Balconies

When searching for the best hotels near Oktoberfest in Munich, various amenities and star ratings to consider can make your stay more enjoyable. 

These features may include terraces, a high star rating, and a good review score. The price range can also vary, but finding the lowest price for the desired amenities is essential.

In Munich, many hotels offer terraces where guests can relax and enjoy the city’s view. A terrace can be a perfect place to unwind after a long day at the Oktoberfest. 

Hotels with balconies might have a higher star rating, as this feature adds value to the overall guest experience.

🌯 The Final Wrap

It is essential to balance the hotel amenities with the lowest price possible. Oktoberfest accommodation prices can be quite high, especially for hotels close to the event. 

However, with careful research and advance booking, it is possible to find a comfortable hotel at a reasonable cost while enjoying the Oktoberfest festivities in Munich.