Bucketlust vs Yacht Week: Which Is Better?

Sailing to the most beautiful places on the earth, not many people can pass up an offer like that! You will never forget the deserted beaches, sailing, music, summer sun, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Welcome beautiful people. There is only one reason you are here; you want to set sail on a trip to explore the beautiful blue sea. And to participate in parties with like-minded souls to enjoy the best week possible.

There are so many options. But let me guess, you don’t know what to choose? There’s The Yacht Week, Bucketlust and Sail Week just to name a few.

Well, stay calm because this comparison guide will break down both Bucketlust and Yacht Week.

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The purpose of this comprehensive and detailed beginner’s guide is to help you choose between these two sea festivals.

So get a friend, a group, and your flip flops ready because you’ll be ready to go by the end. Keep reading to uncover more.

Product Range Comparison.

Both Bucketlust and Yacht Week offer more than just one amazing vacation option. Instead, there is quite a variety of packages with many choices of destinations scattered around the world.

These incredible parties are in beautiful settings. The locations are Turkey, Tahiti, the Greek islands, and even the Adriatic sea of Croatia.

Let’s take a look at the list of products that both companies offer compared to each other to see which is the best sail week.


  • The Tahiti Route 21-28 May, Tahiti French Polynesia Pacific Ocean
  • The Corfu Route 13-20 August 2022, Ionian sea Greece
  • The Turkey Route 20-27 August 2022, Turquoise Coast, Mediterranean

Yacht Week

  • Croatia Hot Creations Route JUL
  • Croatia Drumcode Route JUN
  • Croatia Original Route MAY, JUN, JUL, AUG, SEP
  • Greece Original Route MAY, JUN, JUL, AUG, SEP
  • Croatia Ultra Route JUL
  • Croatia Hideout Route JUL, JUL
  • French Polynesia Tahiti Route APR, MAY

Both competitors provide seven days for each of the trips during the summer. Each itinerary varies and has unique experiences for fun, adventure, and relaxation.

The only similarities in destinations here are Tahiti for both parties. Otherwise, the sailing destinations are entirely different.

Therefore it predominantly comes down to your preference on location for the most part.

The main difference here is the experience each seller has. The Yacht Week has been operating since 2006, reflected by the sheer amount of packages they can offer and maintain on their website.

On the other hand, Bucketlust started in 2017. This 11-year gap makes all the difference in our decision.

Product Range Winner – The Yacht Week

Package Comparison

So you’re probably wondering, in terms of packages, which provider comes out on top?

The two sail party organisers have only one destination currently in common: Tahiti. Therefore it is only practical and logical to compare those two routes.

Let’s jump into the meat and bones of the matter without further delay.

Bucketlust Packages

Bucketlust offers the Tahiti French Polynesia Pacific Ocean Route package ranging from €800 per person.

The most notable highlights listed for this package bucket list are:

  • Bora Bora
  • Scuba diving
  • Swimming with sharks
  • Pearl farms
  • Hike Mt. Temehani
  • Reef Snorkeling
  • Custom Swimwear
  • Fire dancing
  • Rum distillery
  • Paddleboarding
  • Jet ski safari

Their website usually has a few different options available for yacht types. The possibilities are Premium, Premium+ and Baller. Let’s take a look at these packages and what they offer.

Premium Package

  • Yacht type: Monohull

Premium+ Package

  • More spacious and newer than Premium
  • Yacht type: monohull and catamaran
  • Amenities: A/C, generator

Baller Package

  • More spacious and luxurious than Premium+
  • Yacht type: catamaran
  • Amenities: A/C, generator, water maker
  • Newest and highest spec yachts
  • Larger sun decks, swim platforms, and sound systems

Each package provides a skipper, towels, linen and a fully equipped galley (including coffee machines).

Yacht Week Packages

In regards to selection, Yacht week has more variety. Most options occur in the summer, boasting some of the best locations and the best yachts.

The notable highlights for the Tahiti sailing package are:

  • Huahine yacht club
  • Circle raft party in a coral lagoon
  • Bora Bora yacht club
  • Motu Island party
  • Tahaa spa
  • Gourmet Polynesian food
  • Tamaaraa
  • Diving
  • Hike mount Temehani
  • Pearl farms
  • Vanilla Farms
  • Lagoon Tour
  • Cruise in a “Fun Car”

There are four (4) different package types that Yacht week provides. Classic, Premium, Luxury, and Build your own. Let’s dive into the features included with the packages.

Classic Package

  • Yacht type: 43 – 46ft monohull
  • Yacht Age 2012 – 2022
  • Capacity 9 (4 cabins)

Premium Package

  • Yacht type: 47 – 55ft monohull
  • Yacht Age 2015 – 2022
  • Capacity 10 (5 cabins)

Luxury Package

  • Yacht Type: 40 – 45ft Catamaran
  • Yacht Age 2016 – 2022
  • Capacity 10 (4 cabins)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Host
  • Half Board

Build your own package

  • Yacht Type: 38 – 63ft Mono or Cat
  • Yacht Age 2012 – 2021
  • Capacity 8+ (4+ cabins)
  • Air Conditioning Optional
  • Skipper
  • Host Optional

The comparison

Of course, Bucketlust provides a fair amount with the package deal, including an abundance of activities.

The Yacht Week offers more food services, boats, and utility services. This saves you from needing to stock up before you set sail.

The Yacht Week packages take precedence with their unique and lengthy itineraries.

It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with the sun in the day and comfort in the night. It offers what you need and more, especially for a group booking.

This is one of the areas where Yacht Week’s experience makes all the difference.

Package Option Winner – The Yacht Week

Route Comparison

Now we reach arguably the most important factor to compare. It’s all well and good to offer you a boat and skipper to sail you on beautiful blue waters for seven days.

However, that promise only delivers when the trips are planned out professionally.

So let’s explore the routes the boats will take for your yacht trip. We will be comparing the Tahiti route again as it is only fair.

Bucketlust Tahiti Route

Day 1: Raiatea
You will check-in at Uturoa Marina in Raiatea to meet your skipper and chef. Then, the yacht will sail to Taha’a. But, first, you need to make sure your crew arrives in the marina by 2 pm!

Day 2: Taha’a
The first stop of the trip will be Taha’a. Then, your skipper will sail you to the west.

The adventure will present the opportunity to swim with lemon sharks and stingrays. Followed by a party that night.

Day 3: Taha’a
Bora Bora with friends. Jetski and the Bora Bora lagoon will provide entertainment. In addition, you will stop at Bloody Marys Restaurant for food.

Day 4: Bora Bora
Day 4 is an exploration day for the trip with underwater scuba diving, rest, and relaxation at some overwater bungalows. Bora Bora’s Beach Club will have an amazing get together in the afternoon.

Day 5: Bora Bora
You can feed lemon sharks in the morning or spend time experiencing more of the world of Bora Bora. The Skipper will transport you south. The resident DJ will spin tunes while underway.

Day: 6 Bora Bora
Eagle ray spotting will be the morning activity. After that, the fleet will travel to the west, back to the lagoon. Where you’ll get the chance to party with your friends at the island’s best yacht club.

Day 7: Taha’a
The last full day spent on the yacht trip will be at Taha’a. You will be treated to a delicious dinner on a private beach before attending the renowned Black Party!

Day 8: Raiatea
You will head back to check out at 9 am until your next trip.

Yacht Week Tahiti Route

Day 1: Raiatea
Meet your skipper at the marina, who will take you into town to experience the Tahitian culture. Then, you’ll have welcome drinks with the fleet at a Polynesian beachside bar.

Day 2: Raiatea to Huahine
Your first full day of sailing! Your skipper will teach you some basic sailing before heading into Huahine for a fantastic evening of cultural experience. The night will end with an epic party.

Day 3: Explore Huahine
This day will include visiting a pearl farm, horseback riding, lagoon tour in a canoe. And you will spend the end of the day at Huahine Yacht Club.

Day 4: Taha’a
You will snorkel at Jardin du Corail. The coral garden is a famous spot in Tahiti. As always, you will get together at the end of the day with the rest of the fleet.

Day 5: To Bora Bora
Day 5 of the trip will have you dress up and enjoy a contest. Next, you will make your way to a lagoon. Lastly, the Bora Bora Yacht Club will host the sunset party to attend.

Day 6: Bora Bora
This day will be spent snorkelling with stingrays and blacktip sharks, where there is also a sea turtle sanctuary.

You can try out the “fun car” with two seats or take a water taxi. In addition, yacht Week will hold a South Pacific-themed function at Bloody Mary’s for a night of dancing.

Day 7: Motu Mahaea
The last full day of the trip will have you travelling back to the lagoon in Taha’a via yacht. Enjoy a world-class traditional Polynesian dancing feast in the evening to finish the best week possible.

Day 8: The end
You will check out with Yacht Week until your next trip.

Tahiti Route Comparison

In retrospect, both of the routes have an abundance of activities. However, Yacht week’s sheer number of options makes it hard not to place it in the top spot.

Bucketlust does have a lot more free time and space to enjoy yourself. Yet, you will never have to think about what to do when on The Yacht Week itinerary.

Route Comparison Winner – The Yacht Week

Price Comparison

Down to the important question for a lot of us. Which price is better, Bucketlust or Yacht week? Again prices are for the Tahiti routes to keep it fair.

Bucketlust package offering and prices:

  • Premium+: From €1794

Yacht week has more choices. Perhaps due to the experience and size difference of the two competitors. They both reach across the world. However, Yacht week seems to be able to stretch its influence more efficiently.

Yach week has a luxury package and a build your own package both incorporating multiple week slots.

  • Premium: From €2300
  • Build your own: From €1163

When compared together, the prices for the trips seem close. But just wait!

Before taking into consideration limited packages are currently available, let’s take a look at the prices overall.

The prices, in general, have a fair gap and Yacht Week is clearly the more expensive of the two.

In retrospect, it seems fair. Bucketlust supplies you with less for your journey. However, what Yacht week charges in expense it makes up for in delivery.

But the simple question is which price is better.

Price Comparisson Winner – Bucketlust

Overall Winner

Based on the information available on the internet, it is fair to say no matter what, either choice is a fantastic one for your first sail week vacation!

However, with the purpose of this article in mind, it must be said. The overall winner is Yacht Week.

The price may be higher. Yet the quality and possibilities on offer for the price asked are incredible.

So get planning! Get a group together, chart a course, choose the provider you wish to journey with and have a splendid time.