Convenanza Festival

  • 29-30 September 2023
  • Electronic
  • Carcasonne, France

🪟 Overview

Convenanza Festival is a boutique electronic music festival started by the late Andrew Weatherall & Bernie Fabre. Set in the Occitania region of France, the historic area is doused in intrigue and long entwined with the old hamlets, towns and cities that stud its rolling hills.

The unique location of Carcassonne medieval castle is the venue for the festival. It leaves almost all first-time festival-goers in awe of its majesty and regality.

Convenanza has garnered a cult reputation and following among lovers of the same eclectic electronic music that ALFOS followers adore. Convenanza Festival has become the destination of choice for those looking for something different in an outstanding location.

🧳 Accommodation & Travel Information

The fully interactive map below shows all the available accommodations through and VRBO (formerly HomeAway).

Travel by air

Carcassonne Airport has direct connectivity from London & Manchester. Flights to and from London are every other day, while flights from Manchester are less frequent. Flight time is 2hrs non-stop.

Your other options are to fly to/from Toulouse airport, roughly an hour from Carcassonne. Or use Montpellier airport, which will be just under 2 hours transfer time.

Both Toulouse and Montpelier are well connected to London, and Manchester will have multiple daily direct flights to choose between.

Travel by rail

If you are travelling by rail, then the station to get off at is Gare de Carcassonne in the centre of town. The travel time from Toulouse is roughly 1.5 hours, and from Montpellier (Gare Saint-Roch – République), your journey time is also around 1.5 hours (3 stops).

Travel by road

The venue address is 1 Rue Viollet le Duc, 11000 Carcassonne, France. From Toulouse, take the A61 (toll road) Southbound for 95km until you reach Carcassonne.

From Montpellier, you’ll take the A9 Westbound and merge onto the A61 heading in the same direction. The journey distance from Montpellier is 151km.

Alternatively, you can look into the hassle-free option of an airport/train station transfer from either Toulouse or Montpellier. For the best local transfer operators, click the button below.

🎫 Convenanza Festival Tickets

🏰 The Convenanza Festival Venue

The food offering created for Convenanza is handled by Michelin star quality (in line with the stunning setting) running the temporary restaurant in the venue.

The food at the festival is not by accident, with the offering being made to appeal to even the most serious foodies attending.

Add in a sommelier selecting the best local vino, and all you need is music to match the quality. Which Convenaza always does, and then some!

❓ FAQs

Which Is The Nearest Airport To The Festival?

The closest airport to Convenanza is in Carcassonne (Aéroport de Carcassonne)