Pete The Monkey Festival

  • 14-16 July 2022
  • Experimental, Indie
  • Saint-Aubin-Sur-Mer, France


Pete The Monkey Festival is a uniquely French affair that takes place in picturesque rural Normandy. The 3-day escape from everyday life finds delightfully inclusive and welcoming accommodations, along with charming decoration for all guests to enjoy!

With magnificent costumes on display throughout each venue and a pervading sense of humour among its patrons, it’s clear this event has something special about it.

Pete The Monkey is a not-for-profit organization that raises money and awareness in order to help Bolivian monkeys. They’re doing it all because of one simple video, the eponymous Pete!

Pete The Monkey Festival Lineup.

Headliners 2019

KOKOKO! Ι Folamour Ι Kiddy Smile [DJ set] Ι Kirin J Callinan Ι Otzeki Ι Charlotte Adigéry Ι Hubert Lenoir Ι The Mauskovic Dance Band Ι Elder Island Ι Oscar Jerome Ι Moussa Ι Camion Bazar Ι Claire Laffut Ι Feng Suave Ι Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek Ι Niklas Paschburg Ι Bobby Oroza

Pete The Monkey Festival Tickets.

The Pete The Monkey Festival Venue.

The French newspaper Le Monde dubbed this festival a “secret little paradise”, and it is hard to disagree. From artistic installations and forested stages, with pop up bars for those who want some extra drinks in their day or lounging on plush ohana chairs outside under sunshades.

There are plenty of spots throughout camp where you can catch your breath and enjoy what feels like one big outdoor garden party!

You’ll be blown away by the sheer creativity and heart that is present at this festival. With a yearly theme guiding production, staging crafted from wooden pallets and old tractor-trailers, art installations, and independent bars to complement them all, you’re sure not want for more than one day here!

Accommodation & Travel Information.


Are there any age restrictions?

The best thing about this festival is that it’s for people of all ages. So you can enjoy the diverse family-friendly programme during daytime hours and then head into town later on at night when we have an eclectic lineup!

How do I get to Pete The Monkey Festival?

The home of Pete the Monkey Festival is in Saint-Aubin-Sur-Mer (dept 76), which refers to its location on the French coast, but there exists another Sainte-Aubine-Sur-Mer located 14 km away – Calvados Department). So be aware to avoid any confusion.

Can I bring my dog?

No dogs are allowed on the festival grounds or campsite, except for guide dogs.