The Fabric Sound System [Some Good Vibrations]

World-renowned clubs, like Fabric, carry reputations as big as national music festivals. However, despite the range of genres or location, one factor is always constant, sound quality.

Fabric has prided itself on achieving fantastic audio quality within the three separate rooms of the venue since the club opened in the United Kingdom, London, in 1999.

The Bodysonic vibrating dancefloor technology was a revolutionary addition to Fabric’s main room. However, recently Fabric has partnered up with Pioneer Pro Audio, resulting in a total replacement of the tech in room two. Exciting news for Fabric’s regulars!

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I’m sure many of us music fanatics have wondered, just what type of sound system does Fabric use? They can play music incredibly loud and somehow control the quality, so no detail is lost when the frequencies hit your ears!

Keep reading to discover just how they manage to pull this off!

The Fabric Main Room Sound System

Fabric’s main room is the flagship environment of London’s nightclub scene. Consequently, it garners most revellers’ attention who seek only the finest electronic music in the city.

Fabric features robust sound systems to compete with other clubs. A vital element of this is the dance floor. That’s right, the dance floor! 

Thanks to a collaboration with Martin Audio Rig. Fabric became the first place to house a Bodysonic bass-loaded dance floor not only in the UK but in Europe as well. 

The technology is linked directly to the audio output. According to the club’s ownership, it relies on ‘huge bass cabs built under the floor’.

The ingenious use of this technology allows dancers to feel the vibrations of the music through the dance floor, which is linked with the speakers all around the room. 

Speaking of speakers the setup in Fabric’s Room 1 is quite extraordinary. There are eight (8) Martin Audio W8C compact enclosures, formatted in a quad array around the dancefloor and underpinned by eight (8) Martin Audios WSX monster sub-bass units, which feature a single 18in drive unit on a 7ft horn. In simple terms that means insane output!

This game-changer enables the expression of the many genres of music played at Fabric to affect the space around the room.

Whether it’s drum & bass, house, breakbeat, dubstep, bassline, or any other subgenres, you can feel the assault on your senses through the powerful, but crisp audio and vibrating floor to create a unique experience.

The Fabric Room 2 Sound System

Despite not being as big as the main room, room two brings serious heat to the table.

Fabric collaborated with Pioneer Pro Audio once again to find the best sound system possible to replace the previous one. However, it wasn’t an easy decision to make for Keith Reynolds, technical manager.

The new system includes a line of full-range speakers, two powerful sub-woofers and Powersoft amplifiers which help fill Fabrics’ space. This change has proven positive for the future of Fabric’s audio, boosting the club’s credentials globally.

The install needed to consider a range of factors, from access range to even potential trouble the team might encounter with regards to the portrait shape of Room 2

Considering the age of the building and the walls being made from old brick. It is rather tricky to produce the correct frequency from each speaker without losing quality.

The Fabric Room 3 Sound System

Room three is by far the smallest. Unfortunately, however, we cannot say much about the system used here since Fabric London auctioned off the Martin Audio rig they had used hour after hour, night after night.

Perhaps the lack of development for room 3 is due to all the club’s changes. Fabric recently went through a major refurbishment, the first in 22 years. 

Thematic changes and audio motivated changes, proximately to room 2 and the general venue itself.

Final Thoughts

Fabric has a lot of state-of-the-art technology within its hallowed walls. The partnerships they have made sought to customise and propel the infamous London venue to a brighter future.

All parties benefited. Pioneer pro-audio successfully demonstrated the adept system they had so diligently created.

The music played at Fabric aims to deliver polished experiences, and it has been nothing but a massive success.

The desire to discover more systems that sound good is an exciting adventure. If you are partial to such knowledge and a borderline audiophile, then check out the best clubs sound systems in the world article.