What To Wear Clubbing In Tulum?


If you’ve happened upon this article, then obviously, you’re planning for your trip to Tulum! (Or at least what to wear in Tulum on a night out) Welcome! Tulum’s “dress code” is super casual.

In this article, I’ll discuss what kind of vibe you should aim for when packing your clothes for your evening shenanigans. So here’s a hint- leave those heels at home, ladies! This is a sarong and beach hair kind of place.

At the end of this article, we have a cheat sheet with most of the nightclubs in Tulum and their specific dress codes (if they have any).

We also have an entire article cataloging Tulum’s nightclubs and another one for Tulum’s beach clubs. So go take a look if you’re unsure which club is for you. Now let’s get into it!

πŸ‘£ Is there a dress code in Tulum?

No, but yes. Let me explain. The dress code in Tulum is that there is no dress code. Tulum is known for having a very laid-back atmosphere for the most part. To give you an idea of how casual it is, you don’t even need shoes in most places.

The general style in Tulum is boho meets effortless chic. Think light dresses, rompers, cover-ups, sandals, shorts, tees, and flip-flops.

The evenings are slightly smarter but still within the limits of smart-casual. It also gets a little cooler, so it would be wise to pack a thin, long-sleeved garment just to fend off that light chill and protect you from the mosquitoes.

To help you out with some further inspiration, I’ve put together this Tulum packing list that covers everything, and I mean everything…

πŸ–οΈ Are there different dress codes for different areas in Tulum?

There are two main “zones” in Tulum: the Beach zone, which is the section along the beach, and Tulum Pueblo, the town part of Tulum.

The Beach zone has more luxurious, upscale resorts and nightclubs. Here are the differences between Tulum Beach and Tulum Town.

These places sometimes ask for a slightly more formal dress code. When I say slightly, I mean it. This would entail rules like you can’t wear your bathing suit or no boardshorts. That being said, many beach clubs don’t require shoes.

πŸ‘– Do I need pants in Tulum?

While Tulum is very relaxed regarding dress code, pants are something you should probably keep on. But you want to know whether you should pack longs, right?

For the ladies, Tulum is more of a flowy dress and shorts type of place. You won’t get chilly if you leave the pants at home.

Gents, you should probably pack one pair of chinos or jeans if you want to get into the clubs that have an enforced dress code- but often, these only require a nice pair of tailored shorts (meaning no swim shorts).

πŸ‘  Do you wear heels in Tulum?

Heels, wedges, and all manner of fancy shoes should be left at home! Trust me, it is wildly impractical, and in Tulum, you will stick out like a sore thumb in heels.

In Playa Del Carmen or Cancun, you might get away with them, though, since they have a slightly more city vibe.

You’ll want to bring these types of shoes to Tulum: beach sandals, flip-flops, and maybe one pair of fancier flats for clubs and restaurants with stricter dress codes.

For the most part, however, you probably won’t even need shoes since you’ll be dancing on the beach sand!

Some clubs do ask that you wear closed shoes, so keep that in mind when choosing your tactful pair to take along with you.

πŸͺ© Major nightclubs and dress codes

Casual elegant. For example, a collared shirt and chino shorts for men, and a flowy cocktail dress with sneakers for ladies.

No enforced dress code– Boho casual/ festival vibes. Think collared print shirt for men with shorts and off-the-shoulder dress for ladies.

Elegant Formal. The dress code is strictly enforced.β€―No sandals, flip flops, bathing suits, or sports clothing. Gentlemen must wear closed shoes and must not wear sleeveless shirts. Some ideas are tailored shorts/longs, suede chukkas, collared shirts for men, and a formal cocktail dress with classy sandals for ladies.

Dinner casual-chic dress style. No sportswear, no bathing suits or flip-flops. This would be dressing up a more casual look. For ladies, it might look like adding hoop earrings and jewellery. And for the gents, this may look like wearing a button-up instead of a tee.

Beach-themed attire. For example, sarongs, cover-ups, crochet items for ladies, and board shorts with flip flops for men.

Smart Casual. No shorts, tank tops, sports caps, or flip-flops. Rather dress in blouses, dresses and two-pieces for ladies, polo shirts, chinos and button-downs for men.

Beach-themedβ€―attire for the day and Bohemian Luxury Chic for the evening (after 7 pm). Think boho, print flowy dresses (dressed up) for ladies, and a deep vee, loose button-ups for men, or an item with an element of interest.

Festival casual. Go for typical music festival attire, adapted for the jungle. Shorts, jeans, band tops, long skirts, and beachy items will serve you well.

Smart beach-themed attire for the day and smart casual for the evening (after 7 pm).β€― A romper that you can dress up in the evening for ladies and short chinos with a loose white button-up for men.

Smart casualβ€―/smart beach-themed attire (no swimsuit, no flip-flops). Go for boho luxury beach-style.

For instance, a sundress for ladies, a long skirt with a top for ladies, and tailored shorts or longs with a beachy collared shirt for men.

Chill beachwear/casual dress in the early afternoons and evenings, and dinner-casual for nighttime. You want to be comfortable for those full moon parties.

Ladies can’t go wrong with a tropical romper and men with their trusty chino shorts or boardshorts with a nice tee

Smart Casual (No sportswear/beachwear, open shoes, and only smart-casual tailored shorts for gentlemen). Dress like to are going to a jungle-themed high-class event. Classy with a touch of wild.

Some inspo is a two-piece comprised of long flowy pants, a cute tie top for ladies or a bodycon dress, and white longs with a collared shirt for men.

Casual-elegant (no tank tops, no shorts, no flip flops). Think long maxi dresses or cocktail dresses for ladies, the usual chinos, and a nice shirt for men.

Beach-themed attire for the day at the beach club and smart casual for the evening (after 7 pm).

Fun Latin dress for ladies and print button-ups for men are suggested.

Beach-themed attire, Tulum style. So that’s things like flowy dress or romper for ladies, and island style shirt with shorts for gents.

Casual style. Dress to express yourself at H Moonlight. Time to get your sequined shorts and two pieces out.

Smart Casual/ formal (No sportswear, beachwear, no open shoes, and only smart-casual tailored shorts for gentlemen).

Think blazer over a shirt, chinos with some oxfords for guys, and a pretty evening dress or classy two-piece for the ladies.

Smart Casual (No sportswear, no beachwear, no open shoes, and only smart-casual tailored shorts for gents after 8 pm). Smart dress or long skirt for the ladies and longs with closed shoes and a button-up shirt for the gents.

No Dress Code is enforced. Go for your usual night-out outfit, but beach style.

Beach-themed attire and boho style.

No shoes, island-style shirt and board shorts for guys and a fun sun dress for ladies.

Dinner casual. For example, a low-key dress for ladies, tailored shorts, and a button-up shirt for men.

Dinner casual. It’s an Italian Restaurant with an elegant vibe. A classy two-piece for ladies and tailored shorts with a button-up for the gents.

🌯 Final Wrap Up

That brings us to the end of your guide on what to add to your Tulum packing list for a night out in Tulum.

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