A Tourists Guide To Berlin Techno Clubs

When most people talk about the Berlin techno scene, Berghain’s the first word that springs to mind.

It has garnered a famous reputation, thanks partly to how difficult it is to get in (enforced by Sven Marquardt) and a pure, unadulterated sexual atmosphere and the drug use inside Berghain.


So when considering the best techno clubs in Berlin, it’s hard to look past the techno titan that is Berghain. But Berlin techno goes beyond Berghain. So we left it until last on this list to introduce some other fantastic venues.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, there was an explosion of techno clubs in the city. However, the mandate of club culture in Berlin has remained steadfast. Good music, affordable prices and complete freedom of expression.

This tourists guide to experiencing techno in Berlin goes beyond the prominent names and gives you more colour on Berlin’s clubbing culture.

Let’s get into it!


The Watergate is a split-level, two-room club overlooking the River Spree in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighbourhood. It has floor-to-ceiling glass windows with panoramic views of this gorgeous river during day and night because it sits right on the water’s edge.

Known for having some pretty cosmic level LED lighting panels on the ceiling that span across lengthwise through the inside of the venue — what more could you ask?

There’s more than just house and techno parties to the Watergate brand. In 2008, in the wake of such a successful promotion, Watergate started its own record label. Watergate Records.

Watergate Residents:


The newest incarnation of an old techno institution. Tresor is set in a maze-like building that seems like it could be set in Alice In Wonderland at first glance.

But step inside, and you’re transported back to another time with its dark hallways lined by dusty machines

Many concrete passageways lead off into undiscovered realms and maybe just around the corner, waiting to take people on yet another twisty adventure!

Tresor is one of Berlin’s most famous clubs and is not just a place for audio connoisseurs. It’s also home to some of Germany’s most cutting edge electronic music enthusiasts and producers!

Tresor Residents:

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Ostrkeuz S-Bahnhof is a formerly illegal, multi-room club that opened in Friedrichshain. The short walk from Salon Zur Wilde Renate makes it perfect for those looking to explore the local nightlife scene and enjoy some drinks or music with friends!

The music policy at this club is constantly evolving, but house and techno are the genres that usually dominate. DJs play out in the garden during summertime (open year-round). The overall atmosphere can be gritty, with some parties going until morning or even the afternoon!

://about blank Residents:


Sisyphos is one of the best techno clubs in Berlin, and their parties are not for the faint-hearted. They run from Friday to Monday with no break – so you know it’ll be unhinged fun when they’re on.

This is an edgy place. You’ll find famous DJs playing techno to tech house in the main room. The second room is more focused on house music and less intense sounds.

And then, of course, there is the intriguing outdoor garden. Filled up by abandoned cars and an eclectic mix of debris – not quite sure what happened here exactly.

Sisyphos Residents:

Ritter Butzke

The Ritter Butzke is a techno club in Kreuzberg. It began as an illegal nightspot in 2007 and went official two years later. It has three floors predominantly playing house & techno music from Berlin resident DJs.

During summer, the open-air parties in the courtyard are legendary and popular with Berliners.

This is a highly recommended club if you’re trying to avoid looking like a techno tourist.

Ritter Butzke Residents:


Hoppetosse is closely linked to its next-door neighbour Club der Visionäre. The permanently docked vessel on the Spree river is near the Arena Club. The venue is simple with its single dancefloor.

The sound system (by Mo Stern) will delight audiophiles with its crystal clear tones. The parties typically take place over the weekends, and you should expect a more minimal sounding techno spun by local talent and a smattering of industry-leading names.

Hoppetosse Residents:

Salon – Zur wilden Renate

Located in the eastern part of Berlin, near Victoriastadt. Salon Zur Wilden Renate is an unrenovated apartment building with three main dance floors to enjoy as you walk through the doors.

The first is on ground level – mainly focused on techno music. Upstairs you will find the Grüner Raum, all about house music and RoterRaum for anything slow/weird or trippy disco.

The party is a mix of international and local artists. With an atmosphere that’s fit for the theatre. The elaborate decor makes you feel like you’re in another world on this side of reality.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind, the outdoor patio is precisely what your soul needs. With comfortable loungers in addition to an impressive bar stocked full of food options.

Salon – Zur Wilden Renate Residents:


So here we are at Berghain. Berghain will inevitably make any list about the Berlin techno clubs. It’s the most notorious nightclub globally and considered by many to define what a techno club in Berlin should be.

For a full breakdown of the inner workings of Berghain, check out this comprehensive guide.

In short, Berghain is a no holds barred, sexual and drug-fueled atmosphere with a huge main floor dedicated to techno. And the equally incredible Panorama Bar upstairs even features an ice cream stand.

If you are after a place of small rooms for pretty wild behaviour and a once in a lifetime experience, then the likes of Ben Klock can soundtrack that for you in Berghain.

Berghain Residents:

What is the name of the most iconic techno club in Berlin?

Berghain is undoubtedly the most iconic techno club in berlin. The nightclub is well known internationally for its debaucherous techno parties that run all weekend and well into Monday morning. Other famous techno clubs in berlin are Watergate, Tresor and Sisyphos.

What is the hardest club to get into?

While most Berlin clubs tend to have a strict door policy compared to other cities. The hardest club in Berlin to get into is Berghain. If you want to know why then be sure to read this article.

Final Thoughts

For any tourist visiting Berlin wanting to know a little more about the clubbing culture, the most important thing to understand is how fiercely Berliners value freedom of expression.

If you are open to going with the flow and don’t gawk or stare at all the nights’ shenanigans, you can’t go wrong at any of the venues on this list.

What are your thoughts are there any that you think we missed on this list? Be sure to leave a comment and reason why your favourite Berlin club should feature.

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