What To Wear Clubbing In Berlin?

Berlin, Germany plays host to an incredibly famous clubbing scene known to the majority of Europe. However, there are a lot of rumours surrounding the unspoken rules of the German clubbing scene.


This article will tackle a couple of subtopics, including a lot of finer details. So here is a snapshot of what’s going to be discussed.

  • Do you have to wear black in Berlin clubs?
  • Is there a dress code in Berlin?
  • What to wear clubbing in berlin in winter?

So without further ado, let’s dive into the meat of the matter.

A word about Berlins clubbing culture

In order to understand the nature of the questions present, we first need to understand that there is more to the culture than just face value.

While Berlin has been known to house unspoken rules you must abide by when clubbing. It is not something that is confined to every single club in the capital city.

Each respective club operates on its own rules. Perhaps knowing just what general rules to expect with the individual clubs you plan to visit is for the best.

Something we must be aware of is why techno is the ruling genre of music that dominates Berlin’s clubbing scene. Techno has been tied into the culture of Germany for decades.

Do you have to wear black in Berlin clubs?

A frequently asked question in Berlin’s clubbing scene. Perhaps this question was born from the reputations of certain clubs that are notorious for having strict unspoken rules.

Berlin nightclubs are associated with dark gothic style-oriented dress codes. However, while you are encouraged to fit the feel of the night you aren’t actually expected to wear black outfits.

Shirts, jeans, trainers, it doesn’t matter all that much. Rather vibe check yourself if you are not one for donning dark colours. But you are encouraged on wearing black attire.

For example, getting into Berghain is difficult. The widely famous door policy acts as the judge and jury for these unspoken rules. These are weighed up along with your attire. But they are not exclusive.

If you are a foreigner and you plan to get into a Berlin nightclub, you need to respect the door policies. They are notorious for staring straight through many techno tourists and sending them on their way.

The door policy is so viciously enforced by the bouncers due to what they stand for. The culture of Berlin’s clubs formed after the fall of the Berlin wall. Techno, clothing, style, life, night, and so many symbols were born from the unification of Germany.

To the people of Berlin, these rules are important. They don’t just end on Monday morning after a weekend of party and beat. They symbolize freedom, the choice of the people of the city.

The dancefloors echo with history, it will stick with the German clubbing culture for as long as the world turns.

Is there a dress code in Berlin?

The safest bet is to adorn the typical Berlin clubs’ dress codes. Casual is that standard raving attire clubbers wear.

Less is more in the Berlin clubbing scene, especially in the more famous techno clubs. Being dressed to impress will often get you turned away after hours of waiting in line.

It is better to dress with minimal accessories. Take this advice in earnest.

However, we all like to look nice. If you find you really can’t help yourself then dress in nice leather and torn jeans. Go for the casual-cool look, you can still look good while following the unspoken clothing code.

You want to walk straight into the clubs and have a great time. You want to party, go dancing, have fun and experience sensational music through world-class sound systems.

However, the dress code alone is not enough if you want to get into these techno clubs. The door policy for a lot of clubs in Berlin extends beyond just this premise.

Social etiquette goes hand in hand with how you dress. Whether you are wearing a T-shirt, jeans, heels, or the perfect set of clothes. Unless you know how to behave you will have a hard time getting in no matter what time or which day you try.

Your best bet when you are in line for these clubs is to just be quiet. You’ll see this in practice the closer you get to the doors.

It could be a fine idea to go with a Berlin native. However, it won’t secure your entry, it may only improve your chances.

Don’t take big bags or backpacks. If you absolutely must bring something, take a smaller bag that can fit over your body without getting in the way.

Lastly, the action of taking photos is absolutely not allowed. You can opt to leave your phone at any of the Berlin hotels you will potentially be staying at. However, if you are not keen on that idea, they will place a sticker over the camera lens on your phone.

The reason we advise you not to bring the phone is to limit how much you are on it. It is very frowned upon in the Berlin clubbing scene to be flicking through your phone.

If you are struggling with outfit ideas, check out Pinterest, which has extremely dedicated fashion sections.

What to wear clubbing in Berlin in winter?

Considering the strict rules that Berlin institutions enforce. It goes without saying there could be some confusion on how to dress in the winter. After all, clubs all over the world change with the seasons.

Knowing what we know about the clubs in Berlin. We know that the rules do not change. So adopt some common sense in your decision-making for clothes.

Consider the fact you may wait in the queue for hours in the cold, just to get to the doors to be turned away. Bearing this in mind, aim for comfort without bending the rules too much.

Take thick socks, jeans, long dresses, and trainers. A good option for cold protection is a slim sweater, turtlenecks are fantastic choices.

Final Thoughts

Clubs in Berlin enforce strict rules at the door. You could be turned away for a lot of reasons. Research fashion examples to a tee and be extremely prepared depending on the time of year. Adhere to the dress code no matter the season.

Remember that fashion is not everything. Social etiquette goes hand in hand with what you wear. So that means limiting the amount you are on your phone and learning some basic German. It is generally a good idea to not speak English within earshot of the bouncers.

Bouncers generally turn those away they believe are not up to the experience. Each club is its own environment and can play host to many out-of-the-norm themes.

Acting shocked or hyped can ruin the vibe that has been cultivated in the Berlin clubbing scene.

With all of this in consideration, try to get yourself some black clothes (but not essential) and enjoy the incredible experience that is Berlin clubbing.