Festival Footwear: 8 Things To Know

Getting the correct tread below your feet is critical to how much you will love or loathe your long weekend frolicking in the fields.


So are some shoe types better than others when it comes to music festivals? The short answer is yes. But there are more than just a handful of options you have available. 

Before we get deeper into festival footwear, it’s worth remembering a couple of cardinal rules.

  1. Flats are your friends, not heels!
  2. Music festivals can get wet & muddy. So prepare accordingly.

Now that we have those firmly in our minds, here are eight (8) things to know about festival shoes & footwear.

Let’s get into this!

👟 What shoes should I wear to a festival?

The most straightforward answer to this question is that you should wear shoes that provide maximum comfort over long periods of standing and dancing. Bonus points if they have waterproof properties.

So it’s a bit of a subjective question depending on your comfort preferences. However, there are a few types that I’d definitely recommend wearing to a music festival.

Wellington Boots or Rain Boots

Depending on which side of the Atlantic you are reading this article will determine what you call this type of boot. Those who have attended a few electronic music festivals in the UK know all too well the value of having a good pair of wellies!

And if you are going to be razzling in American states like Washington or Oregon, then rain boots will keep your feet dry.

Dunlop Unisex PVC Waterproof Boots

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Trainers or Sneakers

Another shoe type that’s called a different name depending on which side of the pond you are. Trainers/sneakers are always a solid bet to wear to a music festival. Nobody ever went wrong in a pair of Converse All-Stars.

Hiking Boots

These are great for revellers heading out into the desert for a music festival. So if you are planning on spending a week on the Burning Man Playa or heading into the outback for bush doof, consider a trusty pair of hiking boots. 

🥾 Are boots good for festivals?

Yes, boots are good for festivals for several reasons. A good pair of festival boots should meet the below criteria:

  • Be long enough to reach above your ankle.
  • Have water-resistant properties.
  • Be broken in to avoid discomfort. 

Controversially I am omitting Dr Martens from good festival boots because they are made of leather. And unless you treat them beforehand, they will get destroyed at a rainy event. Plus, you’ll soon know why I’ve left them out if you make the rookie mistake of not breaking them in.

🩴 Should you wear sandals to a festival?

No, you shouldn’t wear sandals to a festival. Open shoes at a music festival are a terrible idea, and you stand the chance of injury from broken glass, amongst other things.

Added to this, you’ll obviously get wet feet if you are standing in the rain. Sandals just aren’t meant to be worn while you inevitably get your daily step count in with all that dancing!

One exception to this rule is wearing sandals in the camping showers. In this case, I’d highly recommend wearing sandals/flip-flops while standing in the communal showers. 

I won’t explain in detail why this is a good idea. But nobody wants Athlete’s Foot at a festival.

🪦 Do shoes get ruined at festivals?

This depends on the type of shoes you wear to a music festival. If you decide to wear a new pair of Jordans to a music festival, then the answer is yes, your shoes will get ruined.

But if you go with your trusty pair of well-worn Converse, your shoes will be fine. If you are likely to encounter wet conditions over the weekend, any other shoes you wear will get destroyed unless you have a pair of Wellies/rain boots or hiking boots.

⭐ Are Converse good festival shoes?

I’m sure by now you can tell that I’m a fan of Converse. So as a veteran of my fair share of music festivals, I can confirm that Converse are good festival shoes. Once they are broken in, their comfort levels are fantastic. 

I must highlight that they are not good if you’ll be expecting rain at the event. On a side note, I also default to Converse when considering what to wear in Ibiza’s nightclubs due to their comfort for long nights on the dancefloor.

Converse are great for festivals. 📸: Unsplash

🐊 Can I wear Crocs to a festival?

Ah, Crocs. Either you love them, or you hate them. And yes, you can wear Crocs to a music festival. However, I must highlight some specific models are more suitable than others. 

Crocs make a quality Wellington Boot/Rain Boot that ticks the boxes of sensible festival footwear. While their famous open-back model probably isn’t the wisest choice.  

Crocs Unisex Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot

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👢 Can you wear Doc Martens to a rave?

As long as your Doc Martens are broken in, and you aren’t raving in the rain. Then yes, you can wear Doc Martens to a rave. They are trendy amongst the Berghain crowd and will improve your chances of getting past the strict Berghain door policy.

👠 Do you wear heels to a rave?

No, you wouldn’t wear heels to a rave or music festival. Flats are your best friends when you are standing on your feet for hours and hours. If you insist on wearing heels to a rave, try and wear as small a heel as possible.

💭 Final Thoughts

Getting your footwear choice correct is one of the most important things when attending a music festival. It’ll make all the difference to your enjoyment if you have a pair of shoes that provide you maximum comfort.

Another crucial element to get right for the best possible festival experience is to get your festival hygiene and cleanliness on point.

For some inspiration in finding your next music festival footwear, check back soon for our upcoming article on the Best Festival Shoes.