What To Wear In Ibiza Clubs?

Before you begin ironing your dress shirt or getting your favourite heels out, you’ll be pleased to know that you can leave these at home. Ibiza’s clubs have always had a fairly relaxed approach to dress code. However, some are stricter than others.

And there are specific rules and pearls of wisdom you would do well to heed:

  1. Gents leave the football shirts at home. They’ll get you turned away.
  2. Ladies, flats (except flip-flops) are your friend, not heels.
  3. Ibiza nightlife is a marathon, not a sprint. You’ll need comfortable footwear.

Now that we have outlined the essentials let’s ‘undress’ a few more common questions about what to wear in Ibiza clubs.

You can wear this getup if you’re heading to Elrow 🐔

How to dress for Ibiza clubs

This will ultimately depend on which club you intend on going to. Nightclubs in the San Antonio area, such as Eden and Privilege, are more relaxed when it comes to things like shorts and t-shirts.

Whereas places such as Pacha and Hi will typically not allow shorts and sleeveless shirts. And if you are planning on entering the VIP area of Pacha, then the dress code is below:

  • Gents – long trousers, a shirt and casual shoes (avoid trainers/sneakers)
  • Ladies – jeans with a blouse or shirt. Or an Ibiza style dress with a nice pair of flats or heels (avoid flip-flops and bikini tops). 

On the complete other end of the spectrum is Benimussa Park, which is all about fancy dress. They actively encourage their partons to dress up to the party’s theme, such as the Zoo Project! So this is your chance to get weird and wonderful.

What to wear clubbing in Ibiza?

Earlier, we mentioned that the clubbing experience in Ibiza is a marathon and not a sprint. So when it comes to what to wear clubbing in Ibiza, your best bet is to dress comfortably.

All the major clubs have well-functioning air-conditioning, so don’t worry about overheating if you wear longs. Ibiza has a relaxed approach to dress code in nightclubs. So you are free to do most things, except for the few mentioned earlier.

Below is a table of the major nightclubs and their dress policies:

No beachwear, flip flops, vests, or nude torsos. VIP area no shorts, sportswear, sports shoes, sweatshirts, caps, etc.

Lio Ibiza’s dress code is Elegant. Women wear dresses and heels, and men usually wear long pants and shirts.

Amnesia’s dress code is Casual. Avoid wearing beach attire such as bikinis and flip-flops and sportswear, such as tracksuits, sweatpants, and football T-shirts. In addition, VIP does not allow flip flops, sneakers, short pants, sleeveless shirts or bikini tops.

Do not allow flip-flops, swimwear, bare torsos, men wearing vests, sweat pants, sweatshirts, or sports shoes. No football or basketball jerseys either. Backpacks, luggage or oversized bags are not permitted (except ladies’ handbags). VIP, dress or skirt with comfortable ballerinas or platform heel sandals. For gents, a pair of blue jeans combined with a shirt (avoid sleeveless). Avoid flip flops and sneakers.

Ushuaïa Ibiza’s dress code is casual. No flip-flops, swimwear or uncovered torsos are allowed. In addition, men are not permitted to wear vests, sweatpants or football/basketball jerseys. You’ll also be denied access if you bring selfie sticks into Ushuaia Ibiza.

Eden Ibiza’s dress code is Casual. You should avoid wearing beach clothes: bikinis, flip flops or sportswear.

The Privilege Ibiza dress code is Casual. You should avoid wearing beach clothes: bikinis, flip flops or sportswear. VIP, For women: Ibiza style dress/skirt, blouse, palazzo pants/jeans, platform heel sandals or ballerinas are recommended. For men, jeans, casual shirts, and avoid short pants and flip flops.

The dress code of Es Paradis Ibiza is Casual. Don’t go to the Water Party in a swimsuit, just wear it under the street clothes. VIP, No Beachwear, open or sports footwear, vulgar t-shirts, or overly revealing outfits. The recommendation is to wear a shirt & dress pants (long or short).

What shoes to wear in Ibiza clubs?

Let’s start by highlighting the shoes you can’t/should’nt wear to the nightclubs in Ibiza.

Don’t Do It:

Sandals/flip-flops are definitely out of the question. Even if you somehow gained entry wearing them, you would regret it as soon as you got inside. Broken glass, sticky/dirty floors and people standing on your feet all night are all guaranteed to happen.

Open shoes are slightly better than skimpy sandals, but you’ll face the same issues mentioned above.

Heels are encouraged by some club VIP areas, but if you are punting (partying) with the regulars, then leave these at home. 

Do It:

Espadrilles will not only make you look the part of the Ibiza chic but will also provide you with ample comfort to throw shapes on the dancefloor until the sun comes up.

Sneakers/trainers can be a good option as long as they are refined. For example, a pair of all-black Nike or all-white Stan Smith’s will be inconspicuous and provide the comfort you need for the marathon.

Flats, flats & flats. If in doubt, always opt for flats, because if you wish to make it to the end of an 8-hour party standing the entire time, then you’ll need them. 

What do men wear to clubs in Ibiza?

Generally speaking, men can adhere to a smart casual dress code in Ibiza. No beachwear, football jerseys or topless appearances are allowed.

It is always a safe bet to have a casual short sleeve shirt with a collar paired with jeans and a well-chosen pair of trainers. If you are going into the VIP areas, then men are expected to dress smartly. No shorts and t-shirts are allowed.

Final Thoughts

You are free to dress casually in the majority of Ibiza’s nightclubs. So as long as you don’t wear flip flops/sandals or beachwear, you won’t have an issue.

Practical footwear is essential to get right. The events go from midnight until the sun comes up. So comfortable shoes are your best friend every time.

Now that you know what to wear and what not to wear the next step is to get your tickets. Tap the button below for the best prices at the likes of Hi and Ushuaia.

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