Dimensions Festival

  • 1-5 September 2022
  • House,Techno,Drum & Bass
  • Tisno, Croatia


After many years of delighting festival-goers at their historic medieval fort setting in Pula, Dimensions Festival will now call The Garden Resort, in Tisno, home.

The location may be new, but the ethos will remain. The signature opening party will be held within St. Michaels Fortress’s breathtaking walls, which overlooks the Adriatic Sea.

An audio connoisseurs dream with an expertly curated musical lineup that covers a broad range of electronic genres. So expect everything from house & disco to techno and even drum & bass.

Dimensions Festival Lineup.

Lineup 2022


Dimensions Festival Tickets.

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The Dimensions Festival Venue.

The Garden Resort in Tisno is a musical paradise. Set along the beautiful Adriatic inlet’s shores, it consists of three stages, each with a unique flavour. The nearby town of Tisno offers numerous bars to grab a delicious cocktail along the waterfront.

The main stage has a large open-air dancefloor and wicked sound system, the Olive Grove intimately nestled beneath the tree canopies, and the Beach stage, so close to the water’s edge you could dance on it.

Boat parties aboard the Argonaughty and The Martina are the stuff of legend and provide many with experiences of a lifetime. Simultaneously, the much loved Barbarella’s Discotheque provides the festival with an open-air club that goes well past the sunrise.

Accommodation & Travel Information.

Onsite accommodation

If you want to be right amongst the vibe, then look no further than staying on-site at the Garden. They offer everything from glamping and Airstreams to air-conditioned apartments.

Offsite accommodation

The stunning seaside fishing town of Tisno has plenty of off-site availability to offer festival-goers. Use the fully interactive map above to browse available accommodation.

Travel by air

There are two airports with good connectivity to Tisno, Croatia from the rest of Europe and the UK.

  • Split International airport is just over an hour’s drive from the Garden Resort Tisno. In addition, there are plenty of flights from most major UK airports, including; Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester and Stansted.
  • Zadar International airport is roughly a 1-hour drive/transfer from the Garden Resort. Zadar is connected to major European hubs. However, there are fewer flights to choose from.

Travel by road

Click here for directions from downtown Split, or follow this link for instructions from Zadar. Alternatively, you can look for airport transfers below.


What type of music is Dimensions Festival?

Dimensions festival delivers an expertly curated musical lineup that covers a broad range of electronic genres. So expect everything from house & disco to techno and even drum & bass at this Croatian music festival.