Tulum Beach Clubs

Tulum has no shortage of nightclubs, but what if you want to party during the day? Or even just go to a chilled place with vibey music to enjoy the beach? Here is a comprehensive list of the best beach clubs in Tulum for your convenience. So let’s take a look!


Taboo is a Mediterranean restaurant and beach club. They take pride in their authenticity and fresh food. In line with their ideology that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, the architecture and décor are described as eclectic glamorous minimalism.

One of their main goals is to provide an experience that gives the senses something to enjoy; aroma, beauty, relaxing music and delicious flavours in their food and cocktails. They don’t only serve Mediterranean food, though. If you are looking for something a little fishier, they are pretty well known for their seafood too!

Taboo is positioned right on the beach with multilevel decks to enjoy the magnificent view. They like to play contemporary music but also keep it fresh with an intriguing variety of other genres.


Bagatelle is a restaurant with a festive French vibe. The inspiration for Bagatelle comes from the saying joie de vivre (translated to the joy of living). It has an open-air feel with a thatch, blue and white theme. It combines luxury with dancing, and that is all you need in a place, right? Oh, and great food, of course!

The restaurant uses fresh ingredients and stays true to the French Mediterranean style of food. They have a generous swimming pool, surrounded by lounge beds and chairs. And the beach is right on the front porch, also outfitted with beach chairs and comfy lounge beds.

They hire internationally renowned DJs and producers who play tunes during the day in the restaurant.

Papaya Playa Project

Papaya Playa Beach Club is one of Tulum’s best and most popular beach clubs. PPP is where jungle luxury is defined. Known for the biggest full moon party, the most exciting architecture, and their eco approach to their resort, PPP is an artsy masterpiece.

They are all about becoming one with nature and providing people with authentic experiences.

Papaya Playa Project really has everything. From a bar on the beach to yoga and other wellness activities to a curated playlist made by guest artists and resident DJs. They have a two-story bar, a restaurant that serves renowned food and drinks, and a dance floor made of beach sand.

Mia Beach Club

Mia Restaurant and Beach Club teamed up with Selina Beach club and has taken the day clubbing scene to a whole new level. Everything is new, the aesthetic is modern, and the party atmosphere is vibrant. They play house and techno, expertly curated by several fantastic resident artists.

This club has an impressive entrance, to say the least. To get in, you must go through a mystical-looking wooden slab tunnel, a photo opp in its own right.

The enchanting tunnel at Mia Beach Club

Mia and Selina have all the main attractions. Lounge chairs, beach beds, palm trees and good food. There are even giant woven nests (yip, the ones from Insta) with cosey pillows where you can feel cocooned and relaxed.

It has an open-air restaurant with a trendy vibe and Mexican cuisine. They are well known for their extensive selection of wines, so if you are a wine-lover, Mia Beach Club is a spot you don’t want to miss.


Tantra Tulum is another luxury beachside club with gorgeous lounge chairs right on the beach and a beautiful big pool. They try to strike a balance between nature and sophistication with a Balinese-inspired style and rustic décor.

The restaurant uses artisan cooking techniques to bring an Indonesian touch to their food, using both local and exotic flavours.

They don’t just have a general area for everyone, though. Here you will find VIP lounge areas where you can enjoy a cocktail with your friends, a date with someone special or celebrate a birthday or event. You can even get a holistic massage!

The DJ plays beats into the night, so you can spend the whole day and night here if you feel Tantra’s vibe.


We’ve mentioned Vagalume in our article on Tulum nightclubs. This club is very well known for its giant hand sculptures dotted around. Even as you enter from the road, you are already surrounded by a feeling of exclusivity.

To get inside the club you must pass through a tunnel made of trees, thatch and other rustic elements (Tulum’s party venues do like their tunnels). It feels like you are entering a secret society.

The air is filled with techno and house music as you enter, and the boho vibe is apparent. Wicker chairs and wooden everything makes it feel super rustic yet classy. Vagalume is one of the more luxurious beach clubs in Tulum.

Since Vagalume is also a wellness resort, you can expect to meet yogis, like-minded people, revellers, and raconteurs here.

Ziggys Beach Club

Ziggy’s Beach Club has actual beds on the beach with a table attached to enjoy your meal while admiring the ocean (think breakfast in bed/on-the-beach). You can even contact the club and ask them to set up a romantic date for you. Can it get any better than that?

Yes, it can! It’s one of the few beach clubs in Tulum with no entrance fee! Although there is a minimum spend/fee to use their facilities.

They offer live music every evening and other fun events spread out throughout the week. In addition, they change it up to keep it fresh by having alternating bands playing different music genres every day.

Ziggy’s is well known for its impeccable hospitality, delicious food, and chilled vibe.

Rosa Negra Beach Club

Rosa Negra Beach Club is a sophisticated beach club that aims to provide its customers with a Latin beach experience.

They have live DJs, entertainment, and a party atmosphere. Bongo shows, sparklers, and actual party staff are dedicated to making it the best Latin party you can find. Rosa Negra is one of the stand-out beach clubs in Tulum.

Their menu is diverse and offers a range of different flavours and ingredients from all over the world. They also have exquisite cocktails. Rosa Negra is definitely one of the better options if you want a more lively vibe during the day.

Coco Tulum Beach Club

Coco Tulum is one of the more affordable beach clubs in Tulum, even though it is actually quite an exclusive beach club.

Here you will find sunrise yoga sessions, swing chairs overlooking the white sandy beach, massages, hammocks and shaded bean bags all for you to enjoy. They also play a thrilling selection of electronic tunes to create a vibe.

They even provide you with a beach towel, umbrella, and little round tables right on the beach for your drinks and food. 

Coco Tulum sits on a gorgeous beach that is meticulously maintained to a high standard. In fact, it is one of the most picturesque beaches in Tulum. With its crystal clear ocean water and spotless sand. Seriously, it is the beach to go to.


Kanan is one of Tulum’s beachfront’s coolest, most unique spots. If we said that other places have a rustic vibe, then Kanan has the quintessential Tulum rustic vibe.

They have a luxury temple hidden in the middle of the jungle aesthetic, with large woven nest booths where a group can enjoy privacy and comfort. It looks and feels like nature is woven into the fabric of the architecture.

One of the most unique things about Kanan is its swim-up pool bar and rooftop lounge. Kanan is the place to go if you want something different, special, and fun.

Gitano Beach

**temporarily closed**

Gitano Beach Club sits in a secluded little cove surrounded by rock pools and palm trees, making it feel kind of magical.

It is right on the beach with sun beds and a beach-facing bar. Gitano Beach has an indoor section with low lighting and a fantastic view and an outdoor area with low-lying couches and mood lighting. There is also a quaint courtyard, perfect for a date.

Gitano has a variety of music and DJs, making it an excellent option for those tired or weary of hearing the house and techno genres that are so popular in Tulum Beach.

Ahua beach club

Ahua’s main claim to fame is its magnificent giant piece of architectural art called Ven A La Luz. Which means Come to the Light (created by the South African artist Daniel Popper) and often referred to as the wooden lady. The sculpture represents the connection between man and nature, which is exactly what Ahau is all about.

Ahau is an eco-friendly resort with the front facing the beach and the back nestled in the jungle. The beach club is pet-friendly and allows kids for free if they are under the age of eleven.

You’ll find vibey music, shamanic drums, dancing, and entertainment here. The ambience that these things bring has something special about it. Ahau is a must-visit even if you just pop in to see the sculpture.

Are Tulum beach clubs expensive?

It depends on where you go. On average, beach clubs in Tulum are around $50. However, it varies between $20 and $150 to $200 to enter. Most beach clubs in Tulum either have a minimum spend amount or an entrance fee, which then goes towards the products or services you purchase. One or two spots are as low as $17-$20 and a couple of free ones.

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