Burning Man Regionals 🗺️ Exploring Local Transformative Events

burning man regionals

If you are unable to get to Black Rock City due to factors like prohibitive costs or vast travel distances, you’ll be pleased to know there are other methods of experiencing life on the Playa.

The organisers of Burning Man have vetted and approved a whole host of satellite events in other parts of the globe to keep the spirit going and spread the good word of decommodification.

So keep reading as I delve into the various local events happening nearer to you so that you too, can have a chance to be radically self-reliant.

🌐 Burning Man Regional Network

The Burning Man Regional Network plays a crucial role in extending the Burning Man experience throughout the year, supporting it as a global cultural movement.

This network unites Burning Man enthusiasts and helps propagate its essential principles and values on a worldwide scale.

Global Network

The Regional Network is the year-round embodiment of the Burning Man experience. It spans various regions worldwide, including North America, with events held in cities such as New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Ohio, to name a few.

The network encourages participants to collaborate, create, and share their experiences beyond the main Burning Man event in Black Rock City, Nevada.

The network fosters a sense of community rooted in Burning Man’s principles and ethos through local gatherings, installations, and other projects.

This creates opportunities for participants to connect, learn, and grow, all within the context of bringing the Burning Man spirit to life in their localities.

A significant aspect of the network’s goal is to promote inclusivity, environmental sustainability, and a sense of belonging for all participants.

The Regional Network also organizes events such as the Burning Man Regional Network Forum, which addresses and emphasizes these values.

In summary, the Burning Man Regional Network serves as a global platform that preserves the essence of the Burning Man Experience while fostering connections among like-minded individuals who share a passion for creativity, self-expression, and community-building.

🤝 Local Communities and Contacts

North America

The Burning Man Regional Network in North America consists of Regional Contacts in numerous locations across the United States and Canada.

These volunteers facilitate communication between local Burners and the Burning Man Project, helping to organize events and activities throughout the year.

They bring Burning Man principles and culture into local communities and make it easier for Burners to connect with each other.

If you’re planning on going to one of these events, finding out what to pack for Burning Man could also be super helpful in preparing for Regionals.


The European Regional Network also comprises a variety of Regional Contacts who help Burners in their respective countries and cities stay in touch with the Burning Man community.

These volunteer contacts ensure that local events and activities are coordinated in accordance with the Burning Man principles, allowing European Burners to participate in events throughout the year.


The Asian Regional Network also hosts Regional Contacts that support the connection of local Burners with each other and the global Burning Man community.

These contacts are responsible for maintaining the Burning Man principles and culture within their local communities and ensuring Burners have access to relevant events and activities.


In Africa, Regional Contacts similarly assist local Burners in connecting with one another while preserving Burning Man principles and culture in their various communities.

These volunteers are essential to facilitating communication among African Burners and the global Burning Man community.

South America

South American Regional Contacts play a crucial role in helping local Burners identify and connect with like-minded individuals in their respective cities and countries.

These contacts foster a strong community tied to Burning Man principles and culture while promoting events and activities throughout the year for community engagement.

📍 Examples of Regional Events


AfrikaBurn is an official Burning Man regional event held in South Africa. It began in 2007 and follows the same 10 principles of Burning Man in Black Rock City, with participants co-creating a temporary city in the desert.

Like its counterpart in the United States, AfrikaBurn features art installations, theme camps, and a variety of performances. So, understanding how to plan for Burning Man could be a massive help to anyone attending Afrikaburn as well.

Winter Burn

Winter Burn is a regional Burning Man event located in the desert near Joshua Tree, California. This annual event embraces the Burning Man principles and offers participants a smaller, more intimate experience.

Art, music, and workshops can be found at this event, allowing for a deeper connection between attendees and the creative community.


Bequinox is a Los Angeles area regional event that takes place in the spring, functioning as a prelude to the main Burning Man festival in Black Rock City.

This gathering focuses on the principles of gifting, radical self-expression, and participation.

Attendees of Bequinox can expect various forms of interactive art, performances, theme camps, and a strong sense of community. Use some of these Burning Man gift ideas for Bequinox.

Fuego De Los Muertos

Fuego De Los Muertos is another regional event that takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This event has an emphasis on the theme of death and rebirth, with participants encouraged to celebrate and reflect on their lives in a creatively charged environment.

Fuego De Los Muertos offers a unique combination of interactive art installations, workshops, and performances centred around the event’s theme.

🌯 The Final Wrap

By participating in these regional events, participants can stay connected to their experience in Black Rock City and maintain a sense of community throughout the year.

Each event offers a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute in the spirit of Burning Man. Remember, if you plan to attend regionals, staying safe is important.

Take a look at is Burning Man safe or not to get an idea of what precautions to take during the Regionals. Or Check out these other festivals like Burning Man that still offer you some creature comforts if you aren’t quite ready to rough it in the desert.