• 24 – 30 Apr 2023
  • Techno, Electronic, Goa/Psytrance
  • Quaggafontein, South Africa

πŸͺŸ Overview

As you explore the African Burning Man Regional, your movement becomes an integral part of experiencing Afrikaburn. You are encouraged to dance in celebration or meditation at any time throughout each day & night’s performances. There aren’t set times for when these activities will be happening, so make sure that they’re accessible on your itinerary!

The nature of this regional event is to explore and immerse yourself in whatever is playful, entertaining or beautiful. It follows a strict leave-no-trace policy which means there are no trash bins for your refuse at all – even water can be hard to come by sometimes!

Make sure you have everything necessary as not only will it get hot, but every moment spent outdoors gives a solid dose of Vitamin D, so don’t forget sunscreen when heading out onto the playa on foot.

πŸ“ƒ Afrikaburn lineup

Afrikaburn is not officially a music festival, so there are never any set times or acts confirmed. It will be up to you to find the music and follow it.

The guiding pillars are:

Radical Inclusion Ξ™ Gifting Ξ™ Decommodification Ξ™ Radical Self-Reliance Ξ™ Radical Self-Expression Ξ™ Communal Effort Ξ™ Civic Responsibility Ξ™ Leaving No Trace Ξ™ Participation Ξ™ Immediacy Ξ™ Each One Teach One

🎫 Afrikaburn tickets

🌍 The Afrikaburn venue

The new venue is 30kms Southeast of the previous event site as the crow flies. It lies just beneath the Northern Cape border with Western Cape and can be accessed from the R355 highway.

The landscape will still offer rocky terrain below while the views of the mountains ringed by incredible sunrises & sunsets remain – you’re sure to enjoy this slight twist!

There is an extensive section on the venue, how to get there and much more in our comprehensive Afrikaburn survival guide.

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ FAQs?

What is Afrikaburn all about?

There are 11 guiding principles that sum up what Afrikaburn is all about, and the first ten are based on Burning Man’s 10 principles. Ultimately it’s an organisation dedicated to making a difference in the community and uplifting individuals within that community by living the principles.

How many people go to AfrikaBurn?

The largest arts festival in Africa draws more than 13,000 people.

Where is AfrikaBurn held?

The next edition of Afrikaburn will be held in Quggafontein. Click here to view it on Google Maps.