Audio Farm Festival

  • 1-6 September 2022
  • Drum & Bass, Electronic, Experimental
  • Kidderminster, UK


Audio Farm Festival is a haven for music lovers and creatives in the UK’s summer festival circuit. The site will be transformed into an immersive, 5-day festival nestled in the Shropshire countryside with classical Georgian estate scenery that includes red brick walls and gorgeous gardens on scenic lake views!

A soundscape for the senses will unfold with a nebula of sounds brought you by 25 incredible UK collectives under one umbrella. The music provided from all over our blue marble is hypnotic and captivating while navigating through One Tribe’s microcosm in unison!

Audio Farm Festival Lineup.

Previous Headliners

Goldie • 2 Bad Mice • Afrodeutsche • Age Of Glass • Altern-8 • Annabel Fraser • Biome • Blasha & Allatt • Bryan Gee • Crazy P (Dj) • Dj Paulette • Dogger • Drs • Drum Machine • Euphonique • Flex • Fox • Gina Breeze • Henge • Hourglvss • Igwanas • Jade Parker • Jerome Hill • John Fairhurst • Kenny Muir • Kerrie • Krysko • Lsb • Ltj Bukem • Mobius Loop • Mungo’s Hi-Fi • Prosumer • Rich Reason • Samantha Togni • Sarah Bates • See Thru Hands • Shunya • Slam • Steevio & Suzybee • T-Man • Truthos Mufasa • Ushti Babe • Will Tramp

Lineup 2022

Still to be announced.

Audio Farm Festival Tickets.

The Audio Farm Festival Venue.

The witching hour is when the energy boils over in this magical land. Musicians, DJs, and drumming circles weave their magic into intoxicating grooves to create an unforgettable experience.

Cabaret shows will leave you wanting more; pop up parties featuring dancers performing on stage while fire breathers dance around them all under mind-bending visuals created by lighting sculptures or art installations. All these things come together for new friends telling stories during one fantastic nightcap!

The lakeside healing space is a tranquil spot for those who want to heal their body, mind or soul. You can find alternative therapies such as yoga sessions with skilled practitioners, shamanic journeys that will take you on a mystical journey, meditation taught by knowledgeable gurus, which helps focus one’s mental state after being immersed into it so deeply.

Looking for something more? Audio Farm Festival offers the Magical Monday. The fifth and extra day to take it easy, relax or process before your return back into reality!

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Are kids allowed to the festival?

Audio Farm is a family-friendly event.

How do I get to Audio Farm?

The festival venue is; Hopton Court, Hopton Wafers, Kidderminster DY14 0EF, United Kingdom