When Is The Best Time To Visit Ibiza For Parties?

If you are an Ibiza clubbing virgin trying to decide on the best time to experience the White Isle. These two (2) main factors determine the best time to visit:

  1. Go to Ibiza in peak season with higher travel prices but more parties.
  2. Go on either side of peak season when travel costs are lower, but there are fewer parties.

As an experienced Ibiza veteran who has done the peak summer season, the opening parties and closing parties, I can say that all make for an incredible summer clubbing holiday.

However, the best time to visit for parties is in September/October for the seasons closing events.


In this article, we are going to look at Ibiza’s full summer party season and cover the following:

  • How long does the party season run for?
  • The nitty-gritty of the opening parties & closing parties.
  • Common questions about the summer season parties by month.

Let’s begin!

How long is the party season in Ibiza?

Ibiza’s summer clubbing season has run from early May to the middle of October in previous years.

But since the pandemic of 2020/21, the Ibiza nightclub owners have some serious catching up to do. So, expect a summer party season that is seven (7) months long, from April to late October!

The newest nightclub on the island, Akasha, will get things going in early April with parties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Typically the last closing party is at Pacha (Solomun+1), which happens later and later each October. However, 2021 was not an average year, with both the opening and closing parties happening in October.

But expect things to get back to their usual ways, and the season will likely close toward the end of October.

Ibiza Opening Parties

Traditionally the start of the festive summer season has been bookmarked by the International Music Summit’s event at Dalt Vila.

Although in recent years, the eagerness to get going has seen other venues get started before IMS host their party above the port.

By the last week of April, all the major nightclubs will throw their opening parties, and there are a whole bunch scheduled to happen:

  • Pyramid, Amnesia
  • Defected Opening Party, Eden
  • Es Paradis Opening
  • Better Together, Ushuaïa & Hï Ibiza
  • IMS Dalt Vila, International Music Summit
  • Ibiza Soft Opening, O Beach
  • Octan Opening Party
  • Grand Opening Party, Pacha
ferran feixas f 7j2l9mph0 unsplash

And those are just some of the opening events happening in April. By the time May rolls around, you can expect a few more nightclub heavyweights to enter the picture.

Both DC-10 and Amnesia have their grand opening in May. And lovers of poolside shenanigans can look forward to Ibiza Rocks’ legendary daytime events.

Ibiza Closing Parties

September is when the closing parties start to appear on the event calendar. But fortunately, they don’t happen all at once.

They span for 3-4 weeks. It’s almost as of the party gods give us a month’s notice so that we know to make the most of it.

Typically the pool and beach clubs close first because of the Ibiza weather. This is not to say it gets cold around this time—quite the opposite.

However, the hot weather has passed, and the venues know better than to try to push through. So instead, they call it a season and end when the going is good, and the memories are favourable.

The night venues, on the other hand, are a different story. Year on year, they’ve been pushing their parties later and later into the year.

None do this better than Pacha, who like to be the one to unofficially close the clubbing season with their end of season celebration.

The extended season could be due to the noise law regulations, which have got stricter and stricter each year. Or they could be since no one wants the party to stop!

Ibiza summer season parties by month.

To help make your decision about when to go to Ibiza a little bit easier, let’s break down each month in terms of:

  • Weather & sea temperature
  • Cost of hotels & flights
  • Clubbing & event calendar
  • Number of people

Ibiza Parties in April

Ibiza will allow its world-famous party scene to begin in April for the first time. This is because the low season has been extended to make up for the last couple of years.

Evening temperatures are still fresh at this time of year, even in the Balearic islands. So if you are wondering what to wear in Ibiza clubs, packing a jacket and pair of jeans is wise.

April could be for you if you don’t like waiting for ages for drinks or bumping your face in other people’s armpits.

  • Cooler weather
  • Lowest hotel & flight prices
  • Some opening parties
  • Least busy month

Ibiza Parties in May

Before the end of May rolls around, all the big clubs will have thrown their opening parties. The average daylight hours for May in Ibiza is 14hrs.

Meaning daytime sessions will be in the mix throughout the month. May is a fantastic time to explore the hidden natural gems around the island before it gets super busy.

You can still get good service in May and if you are an older clubber in Ibiza this is a great time to consider planning your trip.

  • Warmer temperatures
  • Low hotel & flight prices
  • All opening parties
  • Tourism picks up

Ibiza Parties in June

The Ibiza party calendar will be in full swing by June. The average daily temperature is around 22oC (72oF), and to make the deal even sweeter, and the sea temperature is around 21oC (70oF).

The sunny days and good weather mean that other techno tourists will also have the same idea of having a jaunt on the island.

Prices for hotel rooms and flights will have risen from May, but they are still relatively affordable.

  • Sunny summer weather
  • Hotel & flight prices increase
  • Full event calendar
  • Lots of people on the island
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Ibiza Parties in July

Peak season starts at the beginning of July, and there are a LOT of people on the island. The sun will be beaming, and the water temperature is perfect!

Ibiza offers so many events in July that it’s almost impossible to keep track of them. Everything from daytime pool parties at Ibiza Rocks to sunsets in San Antonio is in full swing.

Accordingly, prices for hotels, apartments and villas are all considerably higher. The flights to and from Ibiza are also expensive, so book early.

  • Hot weather
  • Hotel & flight prices are high
  • Full event calendar
  • Almost at peak season

Ibiza Parties in August

The hottest month of the summer also brings the height of peak season. As a result, club nights will be packed and hot, with people and incredible vibes.

The big-name DJs will be playing multiple venues, and there is an obscene amount of choice for parties to attend.

If you want to do Ibiza on a budget, then August isn’t likely your best bet. However, if you’re going to spend that hard-earned dosh, then a full week partying in August should do the trick.

Seriously. Even the price of water in Ibiza clubs will shock you.

  • Hottest weather
  • Hotel & flight prices are the highest
  • Peak season event calendar
  • Peak season crowd levels

Ibiza Parties in September

The momentum carries through nicely into the month, and by mid September, the number of people will be noticeably less.

The weather is still incredible but not as hot as the high season. As a result, the clubs are less busy, and you’ll have more space inside the clubs.

Towards the back end of September, the closing parties begin, and veterans of Ibiza typically favour these. In addition, prices for hotels and flights will start to fall again, making it ideal for groups.

  • Brilliant weather
  • Hotel & flight prices fall
  • Closing parties begin
  • Crowd levels fall

Ibiza Parties in October

Spending time partying late into October is now standard in Ibiza. Although there could be a few rainy days, there will also be some good weather.

Swimming in the sea is less frequent due to colder water, but the beaches are far less crowded. And the prices for accommodation and airline tickets are down towards low season levels.

The major clubs will host their final celebrations, which are usually something not to miss. Think of them as DJs throwing parties for their friends.

  • Decent weather
  • Hotel & flight prices are low season
  • Closing parties finish
  • Least crowded time

Final Thoughts.

Knowing when the best time to go to Ibiza for parties is a subjective topic. Ultimately it’ll depend on if you like to get hot and sweaty in packed nightclubs or have a bit more space and cooler nights.

Factor in what it costs for a peak season clubbing holiday compared to the low season to decide when to go. You’ll need to weigh up questions like:

One thing is for sure, though. You’ll never leave the White Isle feeling disappointed no matter what month you choose to go to Ibiza. If you’d like to know more about where the nightclubs are in Ibiza, read this article.