Berghain: 15 Things You Should Know

Berghain in Berlin is one of the most famous clubs in the world. Rumours swirl the internet about the happenings within the confines of the techno temple.

Here are 15 things you should know about Berghain for those that have never experienced the boundless freedoms of the notorious club.

Let’s get straight into them!


Can you sleep in Berghain?

You are allowed to sleep inside Berghain nightclub; however, you can probably expect to be encouraged to leave if you are alone. It is more acceptable to sleep if you are in a group of friends and at least one of your group members is awake.

What days are Berghain open?

Berghain is open all weekend from Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. All the opening hours are below:

Monday | Midnight-04.00
Tuesday | Closed
Wednesday | Closed
Thursday | Closed
Friday | 23.59-07.00
Saturday | 23.59-midnight
Sunday | Open 24 Hours

What kind of people get into Berghain?

Berghain draws an older clubbing crowd compared to many other parts of Europe. The majority of people inside are 30+. Not to say you won’t get in if you’re in your 20s.

But your chances are improved if your actions in the line are mature. Berghain openly pushes back on techno tourists, so be respectful of their rules.

Why is Berghain so famous?

Many reasons make Berghain famous. None more so than the strict door policy that turns away many potential visitors, no matter if they are a minor celebrity or a regular.

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This exclusivity is not from how much you can spend inside but whether the bouncers determine if you get it or not on any given night.

Each night is like a lottery. Add in the pure unadulterated shenanigans inside, and you have the world’s most famous nightclub.

How much does Berghain cost?

In September 2019, Berghain angered its regulars by increasing the price of entry into its hallowed halls. The price increased by €3 From €15 to €18.

In addition to this, the introduction of a €5 re-entry fee and the scrapping of their famous wrist stamp for a wristband added fuel to the anger of their regular club-goers.

Drinks prices in most dance clubs in Berlin are more than reasonable. Berghain is no different, and you should expect to pay anywhere from 3€-4€ (£2.50-£3.40/$3.30-$4.50) for a bottle of beer.

  • Red Bull: €3 (£2.50/$3.40)
  • Longdrink: €7 (£6/$7.90)
  • Beer: €3-€4 (£2.50-£3.40/$3.30-$4.50)

What do Berghain bouncers ask?

Knowing a handful of German Phrases is a plus, so you don’t appear too out of place.

Some questions that you are likely to hear from the bouncers are:

  1. Bouncer: Wie Viele? (How many?) Response: Zwei (your group number) bitte?
  2. Bouncer: Bist du allein? (Are you alone?) Response: Nein/Ja (No/Yes)
  3. Bouncer: Wen willst du heute Abend sehen? (Who are you here to see?) Response: Tama Sumo/Ben Klock.

How is Berghain pronounced?

Berghain is pronounced in many different ways depending on where the patron comes from. For example, in British English, it is pronounced buhg-hine, and in American English, you would pronounce it br-gayn.

You can hear the German pronunciation here. The official phonetic spelling of Berghain is Berg-hain.

How do you get on the Berghain guest list?

Ah. The famous Berghain guestlist. This list is a closely guarded secret kept only for close friends and colleagues of the ownership and record label.

So unless you or a friend are asked to blast techno through the Berghain sound system at the next Klubnacht by the Ostgut Ton label. It’s something that’s not going to happen

Realistically you have a better chance of getting Sven Marquardt to agree to a tickling contest.

Who is playing at Berghain?

The programming is freely available on the Berghain website. It is the most accurate and up-to-date way of knowing who is playing at Berghain.

Resident DJs of Berghain include the likes of Ben Klock, Marcell Dettman and Tama Sumo, to name a few.

You’ll need to know who is playing when you are going if you get asked this question by the doorman.

How long do people stay in Berghain?

Compared to other nightclubs, Berghain is somewhere clubbers spend a far longer time than average. The queue to get into Berghain can be anywhere from 2-4 hours.

So once inside, revellers make the most of it and spend anywhere from 10-24 hours. There are stories of people spending entire weekends in Berghain in some cases.

The re-entry rule allows you to exit and get some fresh air before heading back for more techno auditory delight.

Is there a cloakroom in Berghain?

Yes, there is a cloakroom in Berghain. It’s located just inside the entrance on the ground floor. In addition, there is a large area in the main foyer where you’ll receive a sticker for your camera lens and a ticket for your coat or jacket.

Is smoking allowed in Berghain?

No, you are not allowed to smoke in Berghain. Technically smoking is only allowed in clubs or bars smaller than 75m2 (800ft2) that don’t serve food.

Since Berghain is absolutely massive, they don’t fall under this exemption. You’ll need to head to the designated smoking area outside.

What is Berghain techno?

Typically featured on the main floor, Berghain techno is a stripped-down minimal version of techno. It’s got a darker, more industrial sound with harsher kicks and snappy high hats. This article by Rolling Stone breaks it down minutely.

Berghain’s sound system is primed to support this type of harsher industrial sub-genre. Quite the feat considering it must fill the cavernous former power station.

How many floors does Berghain have?

There are four (4) floors in Berghain. The building was a former East German power plant transformed into the space you see today.

Screen Shot 2017 09 07 at 12.24.08
Floorplan of Berghain. Image Copyright

The club has a capacity of 1500, and the floor space is vast. There are three (3) dance floors: The main dance floor, Panorama Bar, and Lab.Oratory (the extreme sex club).

Who designed Berghain?

Thomas Karsten and Alexandra Erhard is the team behind the Berghain interior. The design studio Karhard is one of the few places you can see interior photo’s of the club from a design aspect which makes for an interesting perspective.

Final Thoughts

Berlin’s club culture is well known, and there is none more famous than Berghain’s. If you are lucky enough to get past the door policy, you’re in for a wild night.

These 15 things are good to know beforehand so that you are prepped to pass the entrance test.

So get lost and enjoy the strobe lights and dark rooms of the interior. There genuinely isn’t anywhere quite like Berghain.