Can you film inside Berghain?


Possibly as famous as the former East German power plant itself is the legendary door policy that filming and photography are not allowed once you enter the Berghain building.

If you are fortunate enough to receive a nod of the head from Sven Marquardt to proceed, you will then pass through the darkest of doorways and into the coat check area.

After handing over the layers that kept you warm for hours outside and paying your €18 Klubnacht cover charge, club-goers will be handed a circular sticker to put over their phone cameras.

Berghain is a place of radical self-expression, and the staff take the no photos policy extremely seriously.

Taking photos is not allowed!

Fotografieren ist nicht gestattet! Фотография не разрешена! La photographie n’est pas autorisée!

Berghain Ownership

The sign (written in German, French and Russian) is placed for everyone to see so there can be no excuses. And after being given stickers to cover your phone cameras, it is a big deal stating that they will not tolerate rule breakers of this policy.

However, as with many strict policies, some club-goers do actually manage to film or photograph the night inside Berghain. Unfortunately, the result is always the same for those who get away with it—a grainy and often blurry and dark portrait accompanied by terrible audio.

Can you take your phone into Berghain?

Even though the policy of nightclubs in Berlin is to preserve the atmosphere by banning photos and filming while on their property. That doesn’t stop you from keeping your phone while you rave inside.

There is no rule from the Berghain ownership that forces you to hand over your phone upon entry. They instead ask you to place a sticker over both the front and back cameras to prevent you from taking pictures or videos.

Calling and texting is allowed

When the whole of Berghain is open, the space is vast, to say the least. And added to that, it is dark! So chances are if you are there with friends, you will get lost in the former power station at some point during the night or day.

Using your phone to try and locate your team amongst the hypnotised crowd is perfectly fine. But, at the same time, you are also allowed to check the time on your mobile.

Bear in mind as the Funktion-One system blasts rolling techno music, the chances of your hearing anything on that WhatsApp call is extremely low.

Vaccination Passes

Berghain is now only open for vaccinated or recovered persons with negative test results. And the proof of vaccination or recovery can only be with Corona Warn App, CovPass App resp or an EU Digital COVID Certificate. And these will need to be shown on your phone when you enter. Click here for full admission requirements.

Is there bottle service at Berghain?

If this were any other club in the world, then such a level of fame notoriety would be handy to cash in on through offering VIP treatment.

But this is Berlin and, more specifically, Berghain. So forget about bottle service because honestly, you have a better chance of filming a 2-hour documentary that includes a 15-minute interview with Sven Marquardt and him signing a picture for you than you do getting bottle service in Berghain.

What happens inside Berghain?

Berghain is a techno institution where everybody is welcome to wear what they want, dance how they want and decide how they spend their fun.

The sweaty halls provide security from judgement and a space to express yourself in any way as long as you don’t harm other people. This has been the theme of Berghain from many years ago. And the Berlin nightlife scene was born from this mandate.

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Final Thoughts

The feeling inside Berghain is what makes it so unique. The fact that there are no pictures or videos (or at least very few) adds to the mystic of this techno nightclub.

In short, you are allowed to take your phone inside but only to:

  • Call, text or WhatsApp
  • Show your digital vaccination certificate

The rest of the time, put your device in your pocket. And enjoy getting lost inside the hallowed halls for the first time without a care in the world.

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