Is Berghain open all weekend?


Undoubtedly the world’s most famous techno club and arguably the most notorious nightclub for the antics that occur inside Berghain.

One thing that adds to the mystique and fascination of this temple is the reputation of events stretching over an entire weekend and deep into the following Monday afternoon.

But this article is here to separate fact from fiction. And if you are looking to enter Berghain for the first time, then the current opening hours are below:

Weekday:Opening Hours:
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
SundayOpen 24 Hours

With the ever-changing nature of the pandemic and the subsequent restrictions, these opening hours will most likely also change as nightclubs in Berlin try to adjust.

Berghain and its many faces

Berghain is not like most clubs. In fact, in 2016, Berghain was declared a cultural institution (following a lengthy legal case) by the Berlin Building, Housing and Urban Development committee.

So don’t use the official opening hours as a good indication of when to try and go to Berghain. For example, you may expect to arrive on a Friday night expecting to hear Ben Klock play techno in the main room, but end up disappointed when you find out that only the Panorama Bar is open for house music lovers.

Berghain pulls these types of stunts regularly, so it is worth checking the likes of Resident Advisor to get an idea of who will be playing that week. Another small insider tip for the official closing times is that it really means that there is no re-entry after those times. However, as is often the case, the party still rages on inside.

Although Berghain is technically one massive nightclub consisting of numerous dance floors, the answer to the question of it staying open all weekend depends on which part you are asking about.

The main floor

Berghain’s main room has featured many famous DJs throughout its illustrious history. And the record label Ostgut Ton has been forged from legendary Saturday night sets from the likes of Tama Sumo, Ben Klock and Marcell Dettman, just to name a few.

The ground floor is the main dancefloor of the whole building. And ironically, similar to the way the cultural monument used to operate (as an East German powerplant), it drives the long techno marathons that have now become synonymous with the Berghain name.

The Panorama bar

Panorama Bar is located on the upper level of the building and is entirely different to the concrete techno cavern down below. House and melodic music are typically played, and if you are feeling hot in the summer months, there is an ice-cream bar to help you keep your cool.

The opening hours are the same as the rest of Berghain. But when ownership closes the main room to prepare for events in Lab.Oratory, the Panorama Bar, will remain open.


Berghain’s original purpose is found in the male-only club in the basement of the building. It is hardcore and not for the faint-hearted. Nevertheless, a symbol of acceptance of all orientations in Berlin and is a shining example of inclusivity.

Weekday:Opening Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Closed
Thursday 9–11 PM
Friday 10 PM–12 AM
Saturday 10 PM–12 AM
Sunday 4–6 PM

How long is the line for Berghain?

The length of the line to get into Berghain is the stuff of legend. At its peak, you can expect to queue anywhere from 2-4hours.

Part of this is due to sketchy advice online suggesting that you have a better chance of getting in a few hours after the doors open. Truth be told, nobody knows the special sauce to gain entry; even regulars get turned away from time to time.

Ultimately the door policy is determined by the bouncers as the night progresses. The mandate is to let in patrons who fit the flow of the night. And as the antics inside change, so does the door policy.

Those that are patient enough to wait their turn then standing in a line outside in the dead of winter in berlin are rewarded with an experience unlike any other in one of Berlins (if not the) most famous clubs.

What kind of music is played at Berghain?

The official music policy of Berghain is open-ended. However, the dominant genre is techno and minimal techno.

Upstairs in the Panorama Bar, house and melodic music reign supreme. In Lab.Oratory the staple is also techno.

How Much Is Entry To Berghain?

In September 2019, Berghain angered its regulars by increasing the price of entry into its hallowed halls. The price increased by 3€ From €15 to cc. Although this is a hefty door charge by Berlin standards, when you compare it to a similar club night in other cities, it is a minimal charge.

In addition to this, the introduction of a 5Euro re-entry fee and the scrapping of their famous wrist stamp for a wristband added fuel to the anger of their most regular patrons.

How Much Does Berghain Cost?

The Berlin clubbing culture is built around making the scene as affordable as possible for clubbers. And drinks prices in most dance clubs in the city are more than reasonable. Berghain is no different, and you should expect to pay anywhere from 3€-4€ (£2.50-£3.40/$3.30-$4.50) for a bottle of beer.

  • Red Bull: €3 (£2.50/$3.40)
  • Longdrink: €7 (£6/$7.90)
  • Beer: €3-€4 (£2.50-£3.40/$3.30-$4.50)

Do you need to speak German to get into Berghain?

You don’t have to speak German to get into Berghain. But at the same time, it won’t hurt your chances to at least try to nail down some basic phrases to assist your attempted entry. After all, if you are visiting Germany, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to know how to ask for the bill?

Some questions that you are likely to hear from the bouncers and the correct answers are:

  1. Bouncer: Wie Viele? Response: Zwei (your group number) bitte
  2. Bouncer: Bist du allein? Response: Nein/Ja
  3. Bouncer: Wen willst du heute Abend sehen? Response: Tama Sumo/Ben Klock

Final Thoughts

Of all the Berlin clubs, Berghain is the most well known internationally. Revellers from all walks of life come to dance to techno music within its cavernous concrete halls. With events sometimes running all weekend and deep into Monday.

If you are looking for when this Berlin club is open, it is always best practice to check the events for the week on their website. This will tell you who is playing (helpful for the door policy) and which parts are open.

If there are any Klubnacht events planned, then there is a good chance that Berghain will be open all weekend. But bear in mind the recent €5 re-entry charge introduced in 2019.

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