How do I prepare for Yacht Week?

Yacht week is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but sometimes preparing can be a little overwhelming. Good news! We’ve created the perfect cheat sheet for yacht week.


To prepare, all you need to focus on is what to pack and what you are packing for. If you get these two things right, you are set!

We are doing a deep dive break-down of what to pack for yacht week and what you actually do during yacht week, including an example itinerary.

What to pack for Yacht Week?


  • Bathing suits: Lots of them! These will be your main clothing for the week, so pack enough for the whole week.
  • Shorts: Ones that dry quickly. Pack enough for the whole week (four to five pairs will do). If you’re more of a dress person, go for those instead.
  • Shirts: Try to pack tanks, halter necks, and shirts that don’t have under-arms. It’s hot! So you’ll thank your past self that you aren’t stuck with sweaty underarms! Mostly, casual will do during the day and slightly nicer for the evenings. 
  • Cover-ups /dresses: Try to pack loose things, especially if you go in the middle of summer- you want comfort balanced with style. Think sarongs, loose shirts, and light sundresses. Pack a few.
  • Something light but warm: You’ll want something that you can throw on if there’s a breeze in the evening. It might be wise to pack a windbreaker as the wind can get cold when sailing.
  • Pyjamas: Pack something light for the hot summer weather.
  • Shoes: Bring a couple of pairs of open shoes that are comfortable, like slops or sandals, and one pair of closed shoes like running shoes (for yoga, hiking, or running) or deck shoes. 

You could get away with wearing the same flip flops the entire time if you really wanted to. You won’t need heels. Trust me, you’ll be falling all over the deck, and no one else will be wearing them.

  • Evening wear: I’d recommend at least one ‘nice’ dress (or another nice outfit) that is a little fancier. You’ll usually find at least one slightly more formal night on your cruise. And one casual evening outfit for restaurants, like light shorts or dresses.
  • Hat: With the sunshine directly on you, you’ll want a hat to protect you from the harsh rays. This way, you can also be slightly more relaxed with sunscreen application.
  • Themed outfits for specific events you are attending: There will be some themed parties and events on your trip, for example, all-white or Regatta Day. Make sure you have taken a look at your itinerary and have packed for those.


  • Soft Clothes bag/duffel bag: You should pack using a soft bag. This will save space on the yacht and will be easier to manoeuvre around the boat.
  • Backpack/fanny pack: This will be the bag you use for your day trips—things like your phone, sunscreen, a towel, money, etcetera.
  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses are essential with the sun’s glare on the ocean. You’ll need these all day, every day. A sunnies strap will also be a lifesaver should they go swimming.


  • Universal Adapter: Bring a power adapter that can adapt to any type of plug. The yachts usually have either US or EU plugs.
  • Chargers for all your tech: Your camera and phone are the essential items.
  • Waterproof phone case: If you want to be extra responsible, or if you’re going to use your phone camera, a waterproof phone case is a clever idea.
  • Powerbank: It can be a lifesaver to have a portable charger when your phone’s battery is running low, and you are out and about.
  • Aux cable: Always handy to have.
  • GoPro or disposable underwater camera and your normal pocket camera. Try to go with a water-resistant one. 

These are not essential, so don’t feel like you’ll miss out on the memories if you don’t have a waterproof camera. The Yacht Week provides professional photographers for each event. 

However, if you’d prefer instant access and more personalised photos, bring your own camera (or get a waterproof phone case and use your phone camera).

  • Buoyant camera housing: If you don’t want to lose your GoPro in the ocean, you’ll definitely want housing that floats!
  • Spare SD card and hard drive: If you want to back up your photos each evening in case something happens to your SD card while out and about.


  • Beach towel: Usually, the yacht will provide a bath towel, but you will want a towel to use after swimming or being in the ocean.
  • Sunscreen: Lots of sunscreen! In summer, the sun shines all day, and you will be out in it and contending with the high reflection of the sun off the ocean’s surface, which shines up from below (where your hat can’t protect you). Once you leave the dock, you won’t be able to buy more, so stock up!
  • Body and face moisturiser: The salt water can leave your skin feeling dry, so pack at least a little moisturiser.
  • Waterproof makeup: If you don’t want the typical dark rings under your eyes, then waterproof makeup, like eyeliner and mascara, is essential. The day-to-day on the yacht will not warrant dressing up much- you probably won’t really need makeup.
  • Wet wipes: These are so handy! Whether you touch an icky surface, spill something on your shirt, or need to clean off some makeup, wet wipes will make dealing with things so much more convenient.
  • Deodorant and perfume: You will most likely want an antiperspirant and a pleasant smelling deodorant and perfume combo. The former to keep nice fresh underarms and the latter to smell and feel good!
  • Lip balm with sun protection: It’s all well and good to have sunscreen and hats, but you don’t want your lips left burning and cracked. Pack some lip balm with SPF to keep those smackers smooth and burn-free.
  • Aftersun: If you fail to keep up with your sunscreen application, you will be grateful to have something to soothe your sore skin if you get burnt.
  • The usuals: Toothbrush, toothpaste, travel-sized shampoo and conditioner, body wash, face cloth, and luffa. Dry shampoo is always a good idea. The itinerary is so jam-packed that you may not even have a chance to get to the shower!
  • Hairbands: Technically, not toiletries, but I’ll put them in here anyway. You won’t want your sticky, salty hair on your neck before you can wash it or spray it with some dry shampoo- so make sure to pack some scrunchies, hairbands, or headbands.

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Med Kit

  • Nausea medication: Super important! Being stationary on the yacht for extended periods can make some people feel really ill. Make sure you are prepared just in case you are one of them.
  • Painkillers: Or whatever you use to fend off the inevitable head explosion you feel after a night of partying. 
  • Basic medical supplies: Bandages, plasters, disinfectants, cotton wool, and maybe some antibacterial ointment can be useful. These are important when you have people under the influence of alcohol handling glasses! Also, anything can happen out at sea, so it’s best to be prepared- or at the very least know where the yacht first aid kit is stored.


  • Passport and Visa (valid for your dates)
  • Spending money is US dollars.
  • Travel insurance: make sure your travel insurance covers all the activities you’ll be doing. Link to nomads travel.


  • Floatie: Try to bring a smaller one. A bigger one can be a hassle to move around and get on and off the yacht.
  • Pump for your floatie: Believe me, you do not want to have to inflate it using just your lungs! 
  • Water bottle: The sea air can make your throat scratchy, and you’ll want to stay hydrated.
  • A book or board games/cards for more chilled days/evenings.
  • Country Flag: Sometimes, finding which boat is yours can get confusing. Pack a flag to fly off the yacht to show pride and help you identify your boat!
  • You may want to pack an eye mask and earplugs if your idea of bedtime doesn’t match the rest of The Yacht Week revellers.

What not to pack for yacht week

  • A hard suitcase
  • Heels
  • Clothing that takes longer to dry (like clothing made of wool)
  • Expensive accessories
  • Linen
  • Water balloons (these will pop and litter the ocean). 

What do you do during yacht week?

Yacht week is essentially a boutique floating festival. During The Yacht Week, you explore the places you stop at, party hard most nights, and make loads of friends! 

Each route is different depending on which you choose, but there are a few similarities. Here is a detailed example of what yacht week could look like using the Original Route’s itinerary:

  1. Start in Trogir on day one, explore Trogir, enjoy local food and architecture- and then attend your first yacht week party in the evening. 
  2. Head off to Bol on day two. Here you get a free yoga session, enjoy some fun beach activities, and in the evening, another party- this time at a club with a complimentary light show and internationally acclaimed DJs.
  3. On day three of the original route in Croatia, you’ll head to Natural Bay. Here You’ll have a slow race on regatta day, and the evening brings whatever you make of it.
  4. Hvar is where you end up on day four. Here you can visit a few of the surrounding islands or have a run across Palmizana. Regardless of what you choose, today is more of a wind-down day- until sundown when the party starts again at Carpe Diem Beach for the Riviera Chic-themed party. 
  5. You’re still at Hvar on day five, but you get to explore the streets and local intrigues before sundowners in the evening at Hula Hula beach bar.
  6. Day six brings you to Vis. Here you explore the little town, perhaps by scooter or foot, and you end the day at Fort George, where you eat dinner and start the party (which is themed Dockside Disco).
  7. The penultimate day and the last night are back at Trogir. This is a chilled day where you can relax on the waterfront or investigate the allures of Trogir some more if you didn’t get enough on the first day. Then in the evening, there is the grand finale, and you get to party the night away at some epic venues.
  8. Day eight is the end of the cruise and the end of one of the best weeks of your life!

Yacht week is an adventure and a memory waiting to be made. Yacht Week is definitely for you if you love travelling, music, and socialising! But don’t take my word for it. Give these articles a read and see if perhaps Bucketlust or Sail-Week would suit you better.

If you didn’t find all the information you were looking for in this article, take a look at our breakdown of The Yacht Week costs (including the hidden ones).