The ULTIMATE Guide to Zrće Beach Clubs, Festivals & Nightlife

Zrce Beach is one of a hundred blue flag beaches in Croatia. The pristine sandy shoreline between your toes, paired with the lunar-esque-looking backdrop of Pag Island, make for one of the partying hotspots of Europe.


Dubbed the Croatian Ibiza, Zrce Beach features five big open-air clubs, a plethora of Croatia’s epic music festivals and a summertime clubbing atmosphere to rival the White Isle of Ibiza.

This ultimate guide breaks down all you need to know about the famous clubs, epic festivals and how to get to the island of Pag, Croatia.

So, let’s get into it!

🪩 Zrće Beach Clubs & Nightlife

Noa Beach Club

Noa is potentially the most recognisable venue in all of Zrce Beach. Noa Beach Club is a 5000-person capacity venue that begins on the beachfront, stretches out over the water, and culminates in a vast open-air club.

Noa is a haven for beautiful young people to catch names like Jamie Jones, Claptone and FISHER while dancing under starry Adriatic nights.


Papaya is arguably the most popular club on the whole strip. And considering they run two parties every day over the summer months, it’s not difficult to see why.

Rated as high as 8th in the coveted DJ MAG’s Top 100 clubs, Papaya has seen electronic music’s cream of the crop grace the decks.


One of the oldest clubs in Croatia, Aquarius, is an open-air club with an unrivalled after-beach party that kicks off at 3 PM daily during the summer.

Delicious cocktails flow and beautiful go-go dancers mesmerise revellers as the afternoon turns into the evening at Aquarius.


The original Zrce Beach jaunt, Kalypso, has grown from a small beach bar into a massive entertainment venue. Bars, dance floors, day beds, pools and house music. What more could you want?

What sets Club Kalypso apart from the others in Zrce is its platform for local artists and talent. So expect to discover some new names when you spend your night at Kalypso.


Those looking to stretch their money as far as possible look no further than Euphoria. The accessible entrance and cheap drinks are perfect for a pre-night party before heading to Zrce’s super clubs.

Add in a great sound system and the open-air dancefloor, and you can spend your whole night at Euphoria and stay there until sunrise.

🏟️ Zrće Beach festivals

In addition to Hideout and Sonus Festival, there are a host of others, including:

🧳 Getting to Zrće Beach

Travel by plane

The closest airport to Zrće Beach is Zadar International Airport (ZAD) which has good connectivity to the rest of Europe and the UK.

  • Zadar airport is roughly a 1.5-hour drive/transfer from Croatia’s Zrće Beach. Zadar is connected to major European hubs. However, there are fewer flights to choose from.
  • Split airport (SPU) is roughly a 3-hour transfer from Zrće Beach. There are more flights to/from Split to choose from. And plenty of flights from most major European & UK airports, including; Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester and Stansted.

Travel by car or ferry

Click here for directions from Split, or follow this link for instructions from Zadar. Alternatively, you can look for transfers below. If flying isn’t your thing, you can catch a ferry from Italy to one of the ports nearby:

  • Novalja (5km from Zrce Beach)
  • Zadar (50km from Zrce Beach)
  • Split (200km from Zrce Beach)

🏖️ Accommodation options in Zrće Beach

Before you visit Zrce Beach, it is a good idea to lock in accommodation early to avoid the inevitable high-season price hikes.

Accommodation options in Zrće Beach

If you want to stay amongst the vibe 24/7, look no further than staying at the Noa Glamping Resort. It is part of the Noa Beach Club group and sits just across the road from the beachfront.

Accommodation options in Novalja

The town of Novalja is a short 10-minute drive/taxi/shuttle from the Hideout venue and has the largest selection of accommodations available. There are a plethora of top hostels, hotels, apartments and villas to choose from.

Camping is available all over Pag. The nearby campsite on the Straško beachfront is the closest option to Zrce Beach.

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Is Zrće Beach good?

Zrce Beach is one of Europe’s premier events and festival destinations. Expect beach parties, club nights and water sports to make it the perfect place to spend a summer holiday.

How do I get to Zrće Beach, Croatia?

Zrce Beach is located on the island of Pag, Croatia. If you are travelling from abroad, the closest airport is Zadar International Airport (ZAD), closely followed by Split International Airport (SPU).

Once you have arrived in Croatia, the journey from major cities such as Split, Zadar, or Zagreb can be made by car, taxi or coach.

Ground transport costs soar during the high season in Croatia, so book early to avoid incurring considerable extra costs.

How to pronounce Zrće Beach?

In English, the Croatian word Zrce is pronounced Zur-chay.