How Much Is Water In Ibiza Clubs?

It’s a popular question that’s raised during every summer season in the world’s capital of hedonism. So, how much is water in Ibiza clubs?


Well, the answer is an average of €10 (£8.50/$11.50). Yes, you read that right. Bottled water is an average price of 10 Euros in Ibiza. And you get a litre for that, correct? No, not exactly. For that price, they’ll hand you a 0.33cl bottle of H2O.

To put that into perspective, it equates to an almost 800% price hike on the average Ibiza restaurant price.

But how can that be? When that same bottle of water costs less than €2 (£1.70/$2.30) in the restaurant across the street?

Well, let us dive in and take a look!

How much is a bottle of water in Ibiza?

Clubs in Ibiza charge their patrons extortionate prices for entry, alcohol and water. So how do restaurants and supermarkets compare?

Restaurants do have a varied price range because they are each catering to a different market segment. However, according to the average price of a 0.33l bottle of water in an Ibizan restaurant is €1.30 (£1.11/$1.49)

And as mentioned earlier, that’s nearly 800% cheaper than the average cost in one of Ibiza’s famous nightclubs.

And if you really want some shock value take a look at the price difference compared to the average supermarket price. Now, again if we refer to the Numbero website data, a supermarket charges on average €0.93 for a 1.5l bottle of water.

Let’s break that down further. That same 0.33l bottle fits into 1.5l precisely 4.5 times. So for simplicity, let’s round up to 5. Take €0.93 and divide it by 5. And we get €0.19 per 0.33l. Or, in other words, almost 5500% cheaper than in a nightclub!

Yip, that’s right. Water is nearly 5.5 thousand times more expensive in an Ibiza club than it is in a supermarket

Ibiza cost of water nightclubs

How much is a drink in Ibiza clubs?

By now, we have learnt to live with being completely fleeced by the Ibiza nightclub operators. But, unfortunately, it is just the price you must be willing to accept to party in the world’s premier nightlife destination. However, drinks price is an area where you will find quite a stark difference between clubs.

Generally speaking, the higher-priced venues typically cater to a more exclusive/VIP crowd. The likes of Hi and Pacha charge North of €13 (£11/$15) for a beer and more than €22 (£19/$25) for a cocktail.

In contrast, if you party at Eden or DC-10. You can expect to be paying €7 (£6/$8) for a beer and €15 (£13/$17) for the same cocktail.

Below you’ll see a table of most major venues and their beer/cocktail prices. 

Amnesia€13 (£11/$15)€21 (£18/$24) €9 (£8/$10)
Pacha€13 (£11/$15)€22 (£19/$25)€10 (£9/$11)
Hi€15 (£13/$17) €22 (£19/$25) €12 (£10/$14)
Usuhaia€12 (£10/$14) €19 (£16/$22) €9 (£8/$10)
DC-10€7 (£6/$8) €15 (£13/$17)€5 (£4/$6)
Eden€8 (£7$9) €13 (£11/$15) €5 (£4/$6)
Privilege€10 (£9/$11) €15 (£13/$17) €7 (£6/$8)
Prices of beer, cocktails and bottled water in the major Ibiza clubs

Is water free in Ibiza clubs?

Technically speaking, water is free in Ibiza clubs, and bottled water is not. But, unfortunately, drinking tap water is not recommended in Ibiza. So before you begin thinking of buying a bottle at the beginning of your night and then refilling the rest of the time, read on to find out why that’s not a good idea.

Ibiza gets most of its water through desalination. Currently, there are three major plants on the island, with most of that production going to residential areas and hotels.

However, the desalinated tap water on the island (although drinkable) strips all the natural minerals you would find in bottled water. This vice article explains the predicament in more detail.

When you consider that most clubbers in Ibiza are on substances far stronger than booze, both in terms of energy levels and hydration deficiency levels. You can begin to see the plight of drinking brackish mineral-depleted water (dehydration) when trying to satisfy thirst. 

Can you drink tap water in Ibiza clubs?

According to drinking tap water in Ibiza is generally considered safe as long as it’s from desalination and not a polluted aquifer.

The taste of desalinated water may put you off, so you may opt for bottled water. Desalinated water generally has a bitter taste and, in some cases, has a chlorine smell to it.

However, even though you can technically drink tap water in Ibiza, and by default, tap water at a nightclub. It is still not recommended to do so when you find yourself in a dehydrated situation.

Added to this is the speculation raised by many online forums that often call foul play on the part of the club operators. Although it is improbable they would ever knowingly sabotage their tap water; it is also not that far fetched that they don’t try and improve it either.

By simply increasing the tap water temperature in the establishment, they would effectively put off the vast majority of sweater punters craving a cold, refreshing slurp of elixir. 

Final Thoughts

The simple fact is nightclubs in Ibiza charge way more than they should for bottled water simply because they can.

How much more? Well, roughly 800% more than restaurants and nearly 5500% more than the average supermarket.

You also know and expect to be taken for a ride when buying alcohol. The critical point to remember when you go to these nightclubs is:

  • Tap water is free, but not recommended to drink in the nightclubs due to further possibly causing further dehydration.

If you don’t have any money left over to buy water, you could always try to ask for a glass of ice. It’s a desperate move, but all the ice gets made with good quality water in these nightclubs. It’s not a move that you will get success throughout the night as the bar staff will catch on before too long.

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