Ibiza Opening Parties – 5 People You’ll Run Into

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Solomun will be back to do his +1 party on Sunday nights starting on the 24th of May. We can once again get amped for the opening parties in Ibiza. For those of you that have never been to Ibiza for the opening extravaganza, we have highlighted five particular characters you are likely to encounter. And one bonus sighting if you are lucky enough during your beginning of summer bender. So, as you prep yourselves for another (or your first) Ibiza summer in the electronic music mecca be on the lookout for these people.

The Big Banger

I know what you are thinking. That person is way too old to be having it large in this sweaty club. They look like they should instead be at an ABBA concert. Let’s get one thing straight, though. They have been here since before time began and Stephen Hawking would have likely seen them raving to Frankie Knuckles when he was looking at the singularity beyond the event horizon. Leathery skin and too many wrinkles to count. Each with its very own summer opening party story to tell. You would be wise to learn a thing or two from these wily vets when it comes to maintaining a steady pace.

The Deephouse Dude

Deep cut v-neck. Check—man bun. Check. A random miss-match of tattoos all different styles. Check. What you have just seen is the deep house dude. He couldn’t be bothered to dance in a venue specifically built for people to do just that. He thinks these tunes are way too mainstream and prefers stuff that’s way, way more underground dude. If there is even the slightest bit of uncontrollable dancing, it manifests itself as a hand flicking above their head. But only if the DJ is doing it at the same time. Remember he is a ‘DJ’ himself after all.

The Instagram Dolly

When you find yourself packing for your first Ibiza opening parties session at no point should you ever consider packing high heeled stilettoed shoes! I mean who in their right mind would do… oh yes, that’s right. There they are all in a group pouting for a selfie in the VIP area behind a DJ they have no idea about. Even if they wanted to get down when the music gets lit, they couldn’t because they packed for an Instagram shoot, not one of the worlds best party experiences. Don’t be like them. Be better.

The Frat Bro

‘I love EDM bro, Steve Aoki is so f**king sick bro’! If at any point you hear a statement like this, run! Like Simba in the Lion King run away and never return. Else you’ll get trapped by him and his posse of frat bros here on an extended spring break on their fathers black AMEX card. That sounds like such a sick time bro. They probably study finance back home when they aren’t ‘living the dream’.

The Gun Jumper

We all have a mate back home that pops off too quickly. As soon as party time comes around, they are off and running with no regard for human life. Peaking before you have finished your first pint and then they call a mayday and ditch their proverbial aircraft into the sea. Only for you ‘the navy’ to have to look after them all night. Now take all of those people and put them together for the opening parties and all bets are off. A conference of buffoons trying to outdo each other and take home the yellow jersey. Except there is no anti-doping commission to keep these riders in check. You have not seen carnage to this degree.

BONUS – Ellum Guy (but only if you are super lucky)

He was made famous by the Boiler Room Youtube series. Ellum Guy is the heartfelt story of Maceo Plex’s biggest fan. Nobody knew if he survived that fateful Berlin night. Until he showed up behind Maceo Plex for his Boiler Room set at Cova Santa in Ibiza, this time stronger than ever. If you do see Ellum Guy get your popcorn out and witness what will likely be the best part of your Ibiza opening parties experience.

So if you are heading to the Ibiza opening parties in 2020 be sure to keep a lookout for these people. They are spread all over Ibiza from Old Town to San Antonio and beyond. Happy spotting.