What Is San Antonio Bay Like?

Arguably as famous as the island of Ibiza itself. First-timers (and veterans) often call San Antonio Bay and San Antonio Town (Sant Antoni de Portmany in Catalan) the same thing. But the two are quite distinct from one another.


To get a clearer picture of what the whole area of San Antonio is like, then you need to know about the bay in general. San Antonio wears many masks, from its tainted, boozy tourist reputation to its celebrated sunset strip.

There is much that San Antonio Bay can offer to tourists of all kinds. So if you are after long clubbing nights or a relaxing beachside retreat, there is something for you here.

So keep reading to find out more about what it’s like, where it is, what there is to do and if you should consider spending your holiday there.

📍 What part of Ibiza is San Antonio Bay?

San Antonio Bay is located on the western side of Ibiza. It includes the famed Ibiza sunset strip (north side of the bay) and extends to Playa Port d’es Torrent (South). The main town is called Sant Antoni, which is 18km (11 miles) from Ibiza Town and 20km (12 miles) from Ibiza Airport.

Things to do in San Antonio Bay

San Antonio is synonymous with Ibiza’s partying and nightlife scene. With budget package tours, holidaymakers and young (and usually loud) drunk revellers.

However, while that side does exist, there is much more the area can offer, and the local authorities are clamping down on excessively drunk tourism.

Ibiza’s Sunset strip

It will have to be an exceptional vantage point to be the most well-known sunset spot on an island that draws international acclaim for sunsets. But the west coast of San Antonio Bay is just that.

The sunset strip has a storied musical history dating back to the 80s. DJ Jose Padilla began spinning Balearic at Cafe del Mar to soundtrack the setting sun. Essentially it was the birth of the chill-out genre, followed by their next-door neighbour, Cafe Mambo carving their own path with uplifting pre-night parties just after sunset.

Since then, the strip has grown into several other bars and cafes, which only adds to the allure of experiencing at least one sunset here when you visit.

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Cafe Mambo in full swing for sunset 🌅

Beaches, beach clubs and day parties

San Antonio Bay beaches:
San Antonio Bay consists of five (5) sandy beaches in total, and they are all well equipped to deal with large numbers of daily visitors; they are below:

  1. Es Pouet beach
  2. Playa S’Estanyol
  3. Playa Pinet
  4. Playa Xinxo (Cala de Bou)
  5. Playa Port d’es Torrent

There is also an extra choice when you factor in nearby beaches like Cala Conta and Cala Bassa. So you could, in theory, visit a new beach every day if you’re a fan of week-long beach holidays. Yes, please!

Beach clubs and day parties:
San Antonio Bay has a vast selection of beach clubs and daytime programming to keep the Ibiza spirit rolling. For those days when you wake up feeling fresh and ready to soak up that summer sun.

You can find everything from boozy brunch to the relaxed atmosphere of a private cabana all along the promenade. For the former, head to Itaca Ibiza on Sunday for fully-fledged singalongs at Musicana Ibiza Live! And for the latter, I’d suggest heading to Kumharas.

Of course, I must mention O Beach. It’s the most well-known beach club and daytime venue in the bay and arguably on the island. Expect to see incredible stage productions paired with DJs and live musical acts. This is also one of the most instagrammable spots in Ibiza.

Take a boat cruise

Port de Sant Antoni is well connected via ferry with many other attractions nearby. Think sunset boat parties and day trips to Cala Bassa.

Getting out onto the water is one of the best ways to experience the wholesome Ibiza spirit. You’ll be surrounded by the azure turquoise waters glistening under the Mediterranean sunshine.

*Insider tip* the eco-conscious day charter company La Bella Verde offer private trips done in a refreshing way. They operate primarily out of Sant Antoni, and they also cater to hen/stag do’s.

Go clubbing at Eden and Es Paradis

San Antonio Town is one of the hotspots for lively nightlife on the island. There are two superclubs located there, namely Eden and Es Paradis. The town also has numerous bars ranging from cheap and cheerful to chic and sophisticated.

However, the clubbing scene is what pulls in the majority of young tourists, and both nightclubs host parties throughout the week. You can catch some of the biggest names in house, drum n bass and trance. Doors open at 23:59 and close at 06:00.

🏨 Accommodation in San Antonio Bay

The Southern end:
Upmarket 4-star hotels are typical along the Southern section of San Antonio Bay. These resort-style properties offer guests amenities like private pools, live DJs, spas and secluded sunset beaches.

There is also a good supply of private villas just behind the beachfront rows of hotels. Villas in San Antonio tend to be the most affordable on the island. So if you were on the fence about making a group villa booking, then San Antonio Bay is probably your best bet.

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The Northern side:
Sant Antoni itself offers the budget traveller plenty of accommodation in the form of many hotels and apartments. The north side of the bay tends to be where young people choose to stay due to the proximity to the nightlife attractions.

🚗 Getting around San Antonio Bay

Car Hire:
Renting four (4) wheels is a good choice if you stay on the Southern end of the bay because your hotel should typically offer onsite parking. However, if you stay in San Antonio Town, consider that parking (especially in peak season) can be a nightmare.

Having a car opens up a whole host of day trips for you. Famous beaches such as Cala Conta are only a short drive west. While to the east, you can be in the charmingly bohemian rural town of Sant Miquel. I’d highly recommend La Luna Nell’ Orto if you fancy local cuisine.

Taxis and public transport:
Ibiza, in general, has an extensive taxi fleet, and you’ll get to whoever you need by using them. They are, however, expensive to be using regularly/daily.

If your budget is tighter, you can use the bus services that operate along the bay. And if you would like to make a day trip further out, then look into getting a ferry ticket if you don’t have wheels.

🥳 Is San Antonio Bay a party place?

In short, yes, San Antonio Bay is a party place. But the longer answer is more nuanced than that. The town of Sant Antoni is where all the lively party action predominantly takes place. And the Southern strip of the bay is full of resort hotels suitable for families and couples looking for a quieter holiday.

🤔 Final Thoughts

San Antonio gets a bad rap from its past. It became (and still is) somewhat associated with young, typically (British) drunk tourists.

However, the municipality of Sant Antoni de Portmany has made huge strides in irradiating this type of tourist. Starting with the stricter noise limitation on the decibels (65 dB), bars and clubs can play music. Most recently, local laws are placing alcohol limits on all-inclusive hotel deals.

So, what is it like? It is a drop-dead gorgeous sunset-facing slice of Ibizan bliss. It offers visitors a whole host of activities throughout the day & night that will ensure you never do the same thing twice.

San Antonio Bay has a broad range of accommodations available that will suit any budget, which makes it one of the (if not the) most sought-after destinations in Ibiza.

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