What Is Portinatx In Ibiza Like?

For first-timers to Ibiza who are searching for a more relaxed holiday tempo with early nights and earlier mornings, then Portinatx is a solid option to consider.


Tucked away in the rural North of the island lies the small Balearic resort of Portinatx. It’s a popular destination for couples and families due to its good beaches and laid-back chic bohemian appeal.

So if you are searching for a place to stay away from the clubs, then Portinatx is about as far away as you can get on Ibiza.

Keep reading to find out what Portinatx is like, things to do in the area and the best accommodation options available to you.

Now let’s dive right into it!

🏖️ Things to do in Portinatx

The resort consists of three (3) small sandy beaches matched with Ibiza’s signature turquoise glistening waters. They are calm and sheltered, which makes them great for paddling around.

1. Sun-kissed beach days

One big draw of this resort is the fantastic sunbathing it offers to visitors. The beaches on your doorstep are Portinatx Beach (the main beach), then smaller Playa S’Arenal and Playa Porto.

If you are willing to venture a little further away from the resort. Then the world-famous Ibiza sunset beach Cala Benirras is just 20 minutes away and would make for a brilliant day trip.

The beaches in the town offer sun loungers and parasols that you can rent. They are limited, so you’ll need to arrive early.

2. Adventure out into the countryside

Hikers, trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts have a wealth of opportunities to keep them busy in this part of the island. I’d highly recommend visiting Punta Moscarter on the very North of the peninsula. The views are spectacular, and on extremely rare ultra-clear days, people have sighted Mallorca from here.

3. Explore the surrounding coves via the water

The most significant benefit of staying in Portinatx is how quiet the bay remains because it stays free of jet skis, water sports and busy tourist boat trips. So it’s a perfect spot to rent a kayak or paddleboard and head out onto the water.

And if you really want to double down on a morning paddle session, be sure to take some snorkelling gear with you for when you want to take a dip. The water is clear and relatively undisturbed by Ibiza’s standards. It’s also possible to go diving here should you wish.

4. Boutique shopping followed by food & drinks

Portinatx is a treasure trove of quaint little Ibizan boutiques filled with eclectic souvenirs and wares to take home. So if you find yourself fancying some chic local threads or something unique, this is the place to grab it. Each Friday, a local hippy market pops up from 18:00-22:00 and is excellent for both couples and families.

Your choice of restaurants is surprisingly good, and you’ll never have to eat at the same place twice. Most of Portinatx’s restaurants are along the main promenade with spectacular views out over the water. San Juan (in the direction of Ibiza Town) is another option to explore should you want a scenery change.

Although Portinatx is a far cry from Ibiza’s clubbing scene, there are still a few bars that keep the uplifting spirit of Ibiza alive and well. On busier nights, you’ll likely hear DJs playing to the Balearic beat. Another plus is most establishments are open to having children around while their parents have a few drinks.

Sun-kissed restaurant patios in Portinatx, Ibiza.

🏨 Accommodation in Portinatx, Ibiza

Portinatx offers plenty of accommodation options that suit most tourists’ needs and budgets. The majority are family-friendly, but there are several adults-only hotel options too.

Recently the resort has seen significant investment into its hotels so that the town can attract more visitors looking for a relaxed wholesome holiday. In addition, many also offer onsite entertainment and go out of their way to make sure guests are comfortable.

Budget travellers can also experience the beauty of Portinatx by booking more economical apartments in the surrounding complexes. So if you prefer self-catering or are coming with a group, then this is a great option.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Is Portinatx good for couples?

Yes, Portinatx is a good area for couples to stay on holiday. With several adult-only hotel properties within the resort, most have secluded private pools away from the public beach. Another less-mentioned benefit is how many of the hotels have been constructed against the hillside, which means that most hotel rooms have sea views.

🛬 How long is the transfer from Ibiza Airport to Portinatx?

The journey time depends on the traffic. In low season the transfer from Ibiza Airport to Portinatx will take you around 35-40 minutes. In the high season, the journey time could take you up to an hour.

The total distance of the transfer is 36km (22 miles). Pre-booking your airport transfer will save money compared to using a taxi from the airport taxi stand.

🤔 Final Thoughts

If you plan to visit Portinatx, you won’t find a quieter and more secluded island escape anywhere in the Mediterranean. Portinatx offers a relaxing holiday to families and couples alike with beautiful beaches and its rural setting.

It suits all budget ranges and has enough entertainment to prevent boredom (essential for families). However, the availability of rooms drys up in the peak summer months, so it’s worth planning ahead and locking in your spot to avoid disappointment.