The BEST Ibiza Sunset Viewpoints

cala llentia at sunset sculptures

Ibiza sunset spots are about as famous as their nightclubs. Gone are the days of having them all to yourself. But these best sunset spots are just so breathtaking that sharing the experience with strangers is pure dreaminess.

Here are our favourite sunset spots on the White Isle. We look at the best ways to get to each (including beating the crowds), recommended beach club/beach bars/restaurants near each, and some cool activities to do in each area.

Cala Benirrás (Benirrás Beach)

Getting To Benirrás Beach:

If you are coming here by car or scooter, you’ll be treated to a stunning approach through the valley on the ten-minute drive from San Miguel. The beach is set below two hills that form the sheltered bay. The famous rocky atoll in the bay known as Cap Bernat (locally called ‘the finger of God’) is the main focal point of the beautiful view out over the bay.

It is no secret that the most popular day here is Sunday. Local drummers perform ‘drum down the sunset’ on Sunday evenings and it becomes one of the most popular places to watch the sunset.

Because of this, the road into Cala Benirras is closed every Sunday. And the authorities make it compulsory to take a bus for the last 5km to and from the beach.


The best way to experience Cala Benirras is to do a sunset boat cruise You can find these operators in either San Miguel or Portinax. It’s a sure way to get an unforgettable sunset while also having enough of the lively atmosphere.


Located right on the beachfront and with picturesque views is Elements Ibiza. Whether you are after a sundowner, great food, ambience, or to listen to music, they have all the bases covered.


Cala Comte

Getting There:

On the West Coast tucked away from the better-known sunset strip of San Antonio is Cala Comte. After a quick yet rewarding ten-minute ride by car/scooter/e-bike, you will arrive at the main beach. There are three in total that you can choose from. However, the central Playa Cala Comte is the best established.

The best spot is Sunset Ashram Ibiza. The quintessential bohemian Ibiza sunset establishment of the whole island. Sunset Ashram sits right on top of the point and splits the main beach into two beaches. And as a result, has a sublime panoramic view of the golden hour.


Exploring this particular area on foot is a great way to spend your time. Walking in a Southerly direction down the West Coast you will come across the nudist beach Cala Contita. Which is renowned for those that do their sunset excursions ‘au naturel’.

The reward for walking further down the plateau from here is a view of Es Vedra. This viewpoint is close to the site of the famous (yet still secret) Rave in a Cave. A location which you will have to find for yourselves.


The best of the area is Sunset Ashram Ibiza with its relaxed atmosphere and great music from live DJ’s. It does get busy in the hours leading up to sunset and through the evening. If you would like something with fewer people, then head over to the 7 Pines resort for a stunning cliff-top view. They welcome non-hotel guests to their restaurants and bar


Cala Llentia

Getting There:

Nestled in between Cala Codolar and Cala Tarida, about a fifteen-minute drive from Sant Josep. It is the most secluded spot in our recommendations. The best way to reach it is to park at Cala Codolar and walk the plateau.

You will know you are in the right place once you come across the mysterious sculpture called Time and Space, created by Australian artist Andrew Rogers. The pillars are laid out in an elliptical shape similar to Stonehenge. It forms part of his Rhythms of Life collections that has installations all over the world.


The combination of the stunning sunsets and unique artwork makes it a great place to switch off and unwind. Be sure to look out for the doors of Cala Llentia, which create a fantastic canvas for photographers to use their imaginations.


Your best bet is to Do It Yourself for this one. A few beers or Gin & Tonics while watching the sunset behind the art installations will be hard to top anywhere else. Grab a cooler box filled with ice and stock up on some snacks on your way there.


Es Vedrà

Getting There: 

Es Vedrà is located on the South Coast of Ibiza. Renting a scooter or e-bike is highly recommended. Having two wheels allows you to get right up to the viewpoint without having to walk too far.

There are two equally impressive viewpoints to consider. The first is a ten-minute drive from Es Cubells called Pietre Circolari di Atlantis. And the second is Es Boldado above Cala d’Hort, which is fifteen minutes from Sant Josep.

The are many urban myths are surrounding Es Vedra. Some are more elaborate than others. However, one thing is for sure it’s home to one of the worlds most magical sunsets. Once you experience and Es Vedra sunset you can say that you have done possibly the most spiritual of the sunsets in Ibiza.


By renting a scooter or e-bike, you’ll be able to ride around the tracks of the plateau overlooking the ocean. There are loads of nooks and crannies to explore where there are no other tourists in sight. Be careful not to venture too close to cliff edges though.


Es Boldado has a sublime view of the sunset. Be sure to try out their seafood which is renowned for being some of the best in Ibiza. For those after a traditional paella check out El Carmen right on the Cala d’Hort beachfront.


San Antonio

Getting There:

 The most iconic of sunset spots in Ibiza. The San Antonio Bay sunset strip is well connected with the rest of the island. Because it is such a famous sunset spot it’s not uncommon to see exclusive private charter yachts scattered in the bay.

The strip starts just a short walk up the San Antonio beachfront and is light work for the majority who take the footpath.


This spot is all about being a part of the shared Ibiza sunset experience. Cafe Del Mar is where it all started in 1980 and has been shared by many others, enjoying the same thing. It’s all about being part of history where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Two established names that need no introduction on San Antonio’s sunset strip are Café Del Mar and Café Mambo. The mood is one of mellow contemplation during the day before the DJs ‘put the sun to bed’, and the music gets cranked up for the fiesta.


Na Xamena Cliffs

Getting There:

Na Xamena is an exclusive area in the Northern part of Ibiza. If you are coming here by car/scooter, you’ll head in the opposite direction from Cala Benirras. The cliffs are a short ten-minute drive up the peninsula’s hill until you are overlooking the Mediterranean with the stunning Na Xamena viewpoint in front of you.

If you head a little further down the road, you will come across the hidden gem of Creu de Sant Miquel on the Punta de Sa Creu (Sa Creu Point). Its unique rock formations make it one of the most beloved spots to Ibiza’s rock climbing community.


Follow carrer Na Xamena (Na Xamena road) until you reach the car park. From there, you’ll have to strap the last section by foot. The reward is one of the most spectacular views on the island. The point overlooks the Na Xamena cliffs to the left and Cala Benirras to the right. If you time this right, you’ll have the beautiful sunset all to yourself (or at least with very few others around).


The Hacienda Na Xamena is a boujee option for those who are after a perfect setting for their Instagram feeds. The remote location means you won’t have to photoshop out all those other pesky people from that #nofilter Ibiza sunset snap.