Pikes Ibiza: 9 Things You May Not Know

Many Ibiza veterans, myself included, consider Pikes Ibiza to be the leader in blending bohemian Ibiza and modern-day party flavours. Mixing immortal heritage with a fresh twist.


Pikes is undoubtedly one of the best hotels to party at in Ibiza, and plenty of revellers know this well. But here are 7 lesser-known things about Pikes that will spark your interest.

So, if you are an Ibiza first-timer and have heard the stories about the infamous PIkes, then keep reading to find out all about it.

Now, let’s get straight into them!

What is Pikes Ibiza?

Pikes is a rustic boutique hotel on the outskirts of San Antonio, Ibiza. The building was originally a traditional Spanish finca (farm estate) which was converted into Pikes Hotel by the legendary Tony Pike in 1978.

Today it is owned by the Ibiza Rocks group and consists of 26 rooms, a restaurant (room 39), the disco (Freddies) and the famous pool from WHAM’S Club Tropicana music video.

Pikes is adults only and to stay there means you become part of its storied history of rock n roll culture.

Where is Pikes Ibiza?

It is located in the countryside to the North East of San Antonio, Ibiza. It’s a short 5-minute taxi from the town centre or a 30-minute stroll on foot. The address on Google Maps is here.

From Ibiza’s old town, it’s a 20-25 minute drive depending on the traffic, and to the airport, it’s roughly the same transfer journey time.

What happens at Pikes Ibiza?

This iconic Ibiza institution has always got a juicy variety of entertainment offerings to hotel guests and outside visitors looking to participate in the storied history. 

The establishment prides itself on being somewhere more than just a place to rest your weary head with its catchy music, mischief and magic mantra. So expect an array of resident DJs and special guests to play one of the island’s most loved and intimate dancefloors at Freddie’s.

Spend your daylight hours soaking up the Balearic sun and sipping on the delicious Bloody Mary’s the hotel has become known for. More recently, they have added comedy nights to the programming to keep things fresh.

Can you get married at Pikes Ibiza?

Yes, you can get married at Pikes Ibiza. However, if you are keen to tie the knot in one of the planet’s most celebrated hedonistic jaunts, you’ll need to contact the hotel directly.

Can kids go to Pikes?

Yes, kids are allowed at PIkes under certain conditions. For example, you can bring your kids if the property has been booked out in advance for a wedding or private event. 

Children under the age of 18 are also allowed to attend the Sunday roasts at Pamelas (the restaurant) but are not permitted by the pool.

At all other times, kids are not allowed at Pikes Ibiza because it is an adults-only hotel. Added to this, Pikes goes one step further by not allowing anyone under the age of 25 to their events. 

So if you are under 25, you need to wait a little longer to experience the magic of Freddies. But it’ll be so worth the wait!

What time does Pikes Ibiza close?

The planned events at Pikes officially run until 04:00 in the morning. The parties start on Fridays at around 2 pm and run through until Monday mornings. Although they are not continuous, there will always be a vibrant atmosphere over the weekends at PIkes.

What to wear to Pikes Ibiza?

This will ultimately depend on whether you are a hotel guest or attending an event as a visitor. As a hotel guest, you can wear what you typically would at any other hotel in Ibiza. 

So by day, it’s swimwear to soak up the sun, and in the evenings, it’ll turn to casual wear around the property. However, if you are dining at the restaurant, you need to get dressed appropriately as swimwear isn’t allowed in the restaurant.

If you are visiting Pikes, smart casual is fine for a club night at Freddie’s. However, knowing what is acceptable (and recommended) clothing to wear in an Ibiza nightclub ahead of time will help your packing list.

Is Pikes Ibiza expensive?

If you make the most of everything Pikes has on offer, it is not expensive by Ibiza standards. If you factor in the free programming they offer their hotel guests; it is good value for money. In contrast, the same entertainment would cost significantly more at other party hotels on the island.

How much to stay at Pikes Ibiza?

This depends on when you are looking to stay at Pikes Ibiza. The peak summer months of July and August cost more than low season months like April and October. 

Knowing when to visit Ibiza for parties helps you make the best choice for your needs. Below are the prices fr the different room types in the low season:

  • Pikes Room – From £199 per night
  • Junior Suite – From £219 per night
  • Suite – From £269 per night
  • Rocket St George Suite – From £299 per night
  • La Vivienda – From £369 per night
  • La Residencia – From £429 per night

Final Thoughts

Pikes is an iconic Ibiza institution steeped in rock n roll history and mystique. To stay there is to become part of the story, and those that do frequently return.

From its small intimate nightclub Freddies. To the legendary swimming pool, and delicious Bloody Marys. Pikes offers good value for money when you factor in the atmosphere and entertainment.

One thing is for sure there won’t be a dull moment from the moment you check in to the moment you have to say goodbye.