The Hï Ibiza Sound System

Once the home to Space Ibiza superclub, Hï Ibiza is its reincarnation under new ownership. The new giant stands tall amongst the White Isle nightlife scene.


Hï Ibiza is the newest club on the Playa d’en Bossa strip. Opened in 2017, Hï aims to deliver the finest sound quality on the island and the clubbing industry in general.

Each summer night, the club plays host to a range of dance music at the hands of world-class DJs. The electronic music genres range from house, techno, electronica, trance and even disco.

Whether a result of resident DJs or world-renowned DJ guests, Hï Ibiza aims to create an experience worthy of the lofty titles of the best sound and best club.

Space Ibiza shut down due to the expiration of the site’s lease. Ushuaïa Entertainment has since taken the venue under its wing and transformed it into Hï Ibiza.

Various changes have been made since the takeover. The biggest is collaborating with L-Acoustics to present a new production sound system. The whole club got changed by a large margin. They aimed to deliver the chicest club on the island.

And delivered they did. The new owners requested a bespoke new sound system setup from their sound system provider: S-Group. The result was a wide range of technology provided by L-Acoustics.

Let’s take a deeper look at the whole design. The brand new sound system production the venue has implemented has a lot surrounding it that warrants some exploration.

The Rooms and layout.

We can’t talk about the new and complete sound system without referring to the layout of the nightclub.

The nightclub boasts two main rooms, many VIP areas, and an open terrace. Room 1, the Theatre, and room two at Hï all have ample space for attendees. In addition, both rooms have a DJ booth. Even the unisex bathroom has a DJ booth!

Each night the music and lighting effects are unique, which makes a real difference in the clubbing experience at Hï.

Hï Ibiza lives up to the title of a super club. Due to the size of the club, the indoor venue acoustics are critical when it comes to the production of the new sound system.

For a premium-quality system (like the one belonging to Space) to be replaced, the new system will need to fill the respective rooms with music, which is easier said than done. The building shape can heavily influence the way the audio behaves.

Thanks to public information from L-Acoustics. We know the dancefloor “combines K2 full-range VCLS enclosures with the K1SB subwoofer in two main L/R flown arrays on either side of the stage”.

The sound system specifics.

The future is now with the system quality Hï Ibiza presents. The bass produced on stage every night is powerful. A visit spent at Hï Ibiza will make you believe that “best club” vibe they aim to bring.

L-Acoustics are the reason for this. In addition, L-Acoustics provided a list of the nightclub’s new sound system specifics. Here is a list of the tech by function:

Main System

  • 24 x K2
  • 4 x SYVA LOW subwoofers
  • 1 x KS28 subwoofer


  • 12 x KARA
  • 6 x X8
  • 4 x X12
  • 1x K1-SB subwoofer


  • 6x LA4X
  • 4 x LA-RAK II AVB

For the non-audiophile reading this, the above specs translate into a whole lot of audio power!

Every world-famous DJ expects quality audio to create the ultimate shared experience. The club can be filled with bass-infused dance music with ease with this technical spec sheet.

The club is set once again to host Black Coffee on Saturday nights. The audio tech of Hi has helped him create an incredible atmosphere, and many clubbers rate it as the finest club experience in Ibiza currently.

Final Thoughts.

The club spared no expense in obtaining an incredible system. As a result, the institution boasts a reputation widely known in the Spanish clubbing culture. Thanks to the tech they have at their disposal, they have created one of the best club sound systems in the world.

Party animals, nightlife lovers, or even just audiophiles, in general, will love the experience the club brings to the table. Power beats and world-class DJs will knock your dancing socks off.

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